InuYasha Versus Ranma ½

Hello my dears you’ve got Glamour and I’m going over two of Rumiko Takashi’s works and pitting them against each other Ranma ½ and the still ever popular InuYasha. Ranma ½ was run from the late 1980’s into the early 1990’s. Ranma had 38 manga, 3 movies, 163 anime episodes, and also boasts a live action film. After that InuYasha got his start in 56 manga and 193 anime episodes, and four movies in the early 2000’s up until 2010. Both anime series have won top notch awards such as TV Asahi’s list of top 100 favorite animated TV series. Now I know I’m going a bit down memory lane for a lot of you however I’ll admit my nostalgia that I have been in fact re-watching both series…. Hell I was so into watching InuYasha yesterday that when I found out a key person I don’t like possibly died I shouted to the sky “FINALLY THAT BITCH IS FUCKING DEAD!! FINALLY!!! FUCKING FINALLY SHE NEEDED TO FUCKING DIE ALREADY!!!” (feel free to guess who I didn’t like) this entire revelation happened to occur when the Amazon delivery man was dropping off my new drawing tablet off at the door… However I digress. Now before I start up with four score and seven years ago….Let’s just go!

Storyline/ Background/Environment: The story lines are mainly held in whatever is considered the time appropriate versions of ‘modern day Japan’ until InuYasha utilizes the feudal era although as the series goes on you see a little more of the ‘modern’ era.

Character Development: There is a lot of character development in both series however they are also both uphill battles although for different reasons. InuYasha’s uphill being more of his enemies getting stronger and also Kikyo as Kagome’s romantic rival versus Ranma and his excessive number of fiancés (his father is at fault there for promising his son for a dojo, a food cart, Amazonian prize feast {that one was also Ranma’s fault})  and the unbridled pride + stubbornness that get between Akane and Ranma. Although Ranma trying to break his curse is the number one priority he is constantly kept from and even tricked with. Although I’ll admit the main two characters for both series are as similar as they are different. Akane and Kagome have a lot riding on them however their stakes are substantially more different while putting up with the leading male’s BS although obviously Kagome (unless pushed) is generally more gentle than Akane.  While InuYasha and Ranma are both clueless in some aspects but InuYasha is usually more often than not useless on the topic of women while Ranma is a little more well versed in female emotions save those of …modesty. Although let’s not forget InuYasha running around Kagome’s room naked after running from the shower!  The boys are both headstrong and just as stubborn with a lot to learn…

Art (animated media): The styles of drawing emphasize on emotions however the fighting styles differ since in InuYasha everything is set up more as energy versus hand to hand combat that occurs in Ranma 1/2 . The coloring also used is different since the overall color scheme for Ranma is a lot lighter and opaque than InuYasha. A perfect example to prove this point is comparing the hair shades between InuYasha in his human form versus Ranma in his male form. InuYasha’s variant of black is much darker and more emphasis is put in the shine of his hair than Ranma’s. Although I find that the difference is there to give Ranma a more delicate look than intended for InuYasha.

Casting (Live Media): After looking through some of the main characters (not looking them all up) I found that a few of the voice actors that were part of Ranma ½ also joined Rumiko Takahashi in the creation of InuYasha. This I can only assume simply meant they enjoyed working with her so much they just had to do it again. The actors and roles are listed below (only noting the actors that held roles in both series if there are more I didn’t post feel free to discuss).

InuYasha and Ranma
English- Richard Ian Cox (Sarah Strange only did Ranma’s voice)
Japanese- Kappei Yamaguchi

Myoga and Happosai only shared the English voice of Paul Dobson.

Now for this one I could say which I prefer since they are both Hatter approved but this time I reach out to you my readers and without a video (because last time worked out SOOOO WELL….) to vote InuYasha or Ranma ½ also discussion is of course encouraged however if I see anything I deem unfit to be on this page I will not hesitate to remove it which means rudeness for the most part and if you’re not sure if I’ll deem it fit and have to ask yourself “Will she find this rude?”  then it probably is.  If you deem to put it up anyways I’m fine with that (and I’m also fine with removing it if it is again deemed ‘unfit’) well all in all that makes for a very full post my dears let’s get some voting going because this Hatter is out!

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  1. Anonymous

    All late to the dance and everything, but I am torn. I like Inu Yasha because there’s more of an overall story progression to it where as Ranma 1/2 are typically one shot episodes that can be watched in any order (so long as they’re not introducing another character). All in all though, I’ve got to go with Ranma 1/2 since it was one of the first anime series I ever watched as a kid (nostalgia points are definitely a thing).

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