InuYasha (anime)

Alright my gamers Glamour is in with part two of the versus covering that dog eared heart breaker (literally) InuYasha! Now to be clear this was not my first anime not even close although I know it was a lot of people‘s gateway drug to anime. While girls fawn over the various dynamics of man from the womanizer Miroku, the confident Kouga (Koga), frozen elegance with a fur Sesshomaru, and of course the ever wavering rough exterior squishy interior InuYasha.  I’ll admit to running to the mall every couple of months dragging my mother along to pick up the new DVD for the next new episodes and staying up late to watch Adult Swim for InuYasha and Kikaider. Now let’s get going!

Storyline/ Background/Environment: Kagome Higurashi was doing what any girl does on a normal school day as an older sibling rushing her brother because they would both be late if he didn’t hurry, however Buyo was hiding behind around the creepy old Bone Eater’s Well a place used to dispose of demonic remains. When she’s pulled in after trying to investigate it on her own only to find herself in Feudal Japan with crazy demons asking her for ‘The Sacred Jewel’. After meeting InuYasha and breaking said jewel they are paired together by necessity to retrieve the jewel. They meet a lot of enemies and make a lot of friends including the Pervy Monk Miroku, the steadfast Demon Slayer, and the adorable orphaned fox demon Shippo the very first addition to their little family. Since the main cast has become that essentially a family that fight, travel, pig out on modern food, and laugh together while meeting even more characters.

Character Development: Kikyo was the woman InuYasha loved before being sealed away brought back from the dead. She is a double edged blade in the realm of character development.  For InuYasha he is constantly locked in a state constant regret… so a typical ex. Sure I’ll admit she was helpful in some aspects of the series but that didn’t really occur until the late excursions of Mt. Hakurei. I’m sure there were more instances where Kikyo assisted however I would also argue most of those things could also have been done by Kagome especially with coming into her own spiritual ability and eventually obtaining the patience of a saint (even though her ‘soul partner’ didn’t make it easy on her). However moving on mostly the growth in this series is strength paired with relationships maturing like InuYasha showing up simply to fetch Kagome to assist him with Yura of the hair versus later in the series staying with Kagome to care for her while she was ill after fetching fresh ingredients he brought back from the feudal era. So whenever Kikyo is not around there is generally a lot of growth InuYasha goes through with Kagome’s help. Meanwhile Kagome deals with her own problems InuYasha, the jewel, Hojo trying to get through to her that he likes her, school, and the affections of Kouga the leader of the wolf clan. Hell if she doesn’t want him I’d undoubtedly take that in a heartbeat and I know what you’re thinking ‘what about your husband?’ Well my dears my husband doesn’t have time to read his darling wife’s blog and support me unless we’re going somewhere to obtain something. So I’m 100 percent certain he won’t read this besides he also already know I am very fond of Hugh Jackman as well. Moving on!

Art (animated media): All in all with the art work a lot of effort goes into the effects used throughout the series spiritual auras, InuYasha’s wind scar, demon attacks, sparkles, shimmers, and essentially a lot of shimmer and pretty things. Although I love the amount of effort that went into the emotions from Kagome’s tears to the dumbstruck people left in the wake of her internal to external monologue (she was thinking louder than she thought she was).

All in all of course InuYasha is Hatter approved! I’ll tend to use InuYasha for someone’s first anime to ease them into anime because the story is easy to understand and get hooked on. It also takes a lot of themes and struggles that people can easily relate to with personal vices and influences involved. I’ve seen a couple people talk about how they like InuYasha and others fuss at them for it but I’ll be honest (like I would be any other way about it) and say that people should get over that because its about what people enjoy and also a bit of a starting point who knows maybe they might leap all the way to Attack On Titan someday (the anime not the game…the controls suck on the 3DS game) but we can’t find likened minds if people make fun of them and deter them from wanting to spread their horizons just because some asshole said “You watch InuYasha? Man go watch some real anime.” I’ll admit I’ll say if someone’s only watched Naruto or DBZ and consider either one ‘the best anime ever’ because it’s the ONLY anime they have ever watched if of course foolhardy. Also…I will admit to being a Koga fangirl :D. Anyways all that aside remember to expand your world of anime and Glamour of is happy to help! Now this hatter is out!

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