Ranma 1/2

Hello my darlings today I’m turning back the clock and hitting up the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts and talking about Ranma ½. I’ll also be later on this week doing a review for another Takahashi series InuYasha and wrapping it all up with a versus entry!  As a young lass I loved this show so much I named my nicknamed my beloved feline Felix  Fe-chan after Akane’s pet pig P-Chan! Now with that bit of sentiment tucked in let’s get this started!

His name (or her name depending on the water) is Ranma Saotome and he’s traveled all the way across China to Japan because his father Genma Saotome promised him as a new heir for the Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. With this series they honestly mean anything goes from food items, to dangerous Chinese Amazonian Shampoo (hair product), Mousse hidden weapons and of course… Shampoo the actual Chinese Amazon. Throughout this series he’s constantly trying to regain his and his father’s proper forms since he turns into a she and Ranma’s father turns into a sign writing panda. But let’s get serious what else do you think is going to happen when you train over a bunch of CURSED SPRINGS? Nothing good let me tell you like say turning into a feline and finding out that your crush is afraid of cats!

Character Development: Throughout the series mostly everything tests Ranma’s strength including dojo busters, a crazy old amazon woman, a crazy young amazon woman, an okonomiyaki chef, an admirer of the young crazy amazon woman, some crazy rich guy, crazy rich guy’s sister, and multiple fiancés! They go through crazy odds such as going through hot spring races, circus acts gone treacherous and even tests of courage like they would have school kids do. The changes throughout the series are very subtle and are more about Ranma and Akane gaining a mutual respect for each other and learning that they do on some level care about the other person…even if they joke about it all the time. Hell Ranma almost marries a duck because he thought he had done something horrible to Akane.

Art (animated media): The art style is more about the utility shown by each of the characters along with the perseverance to learn new skills. Which is something the art style seemed to draw out in the character’s mannerisms, movements, chibi faces, etc… Everything pulled together to give the idea of what it would really mean to be a martial artist. Well in my view point anyways.

So all in all this anime is indeed Hatter Approved and rock back by a hatter of the details tomorrow for the review of InuYasha and the next day after that for the VERSUS! Why am I dragging it out? Well dears I didn’t want to make the entry to resemble a python my dears. Now this Hatter is OUT!

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  1. Anonymous

    This was one of the first ever anime series I ever watched and it still holds a place in my heart! Granted, it got a little too corny for me to follow in the last couple of seasons (the manga is definitely better), but overall, it will always be up there as one of my favorites. I still believe that one day, Kuno will get his pig-tailed girl!


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