Up and Coming

Hello you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got some news for you! I recently picked up a new art tablet and I’ll hopefully be able to start making different kinds of cover pictures, draw up a comic, etc… Sky is the limit!! Meanwhile I would like to thank you guys for your continued support! The views pouring in and the comments that I get mean a lot to me along with the follows. So again thank you so much so to sum everything up here are a few things I’m working on at the moment!

New Cover Page Design – I just got the sweetest new drawing tablet and I’m excited to use it so when I do I’ll be tinkering with that again and again learning all about it with the new programs I picked up to go with it.

Let’s play – Yes I’m STILL working on that… Give me a break I work 12 hour shifts and still somehow find

time to write reviews. PHEW! Been trying two different versions of Xsplit and having my husband help me figure out how to make it work for me.

Comics- Along with new cover pages I also want to do COMICS with my new tablet! I had the idea when I sent my friend a story that I had written and he said he could literally see it in his mind occurring as if it was a comic (it was Red). So it hit me why not try a comic? Hopefully it’ll come out as prettily as it does when I think of it but even if it doesn’t I’ll have a lot of fun with it!

Adult Content – Yes big bad adult content stories. Each story along with its title page will have in thecover page some note of it being adult content. Now to tackle a question that might come up ‘but Glamour you didn’t mark Red as adult content or anything where you mention nudity as adult content why not?’ Well I have a very open view of what is an is not ‘acceptable’ prior into going into the realm of ‘adult content’ which means if there is actual sex involved I’ll label it as Adult Content so as to why I didn’t label Red as adult content just for saying “but Gran he’s so hung” is not what I consider adult content. However, if I start going into detail and start actually describing what Archibald does with his being so hung then I’ll label it as Adult Content. So all in all that’s what to look forward to in coming days although it might take a bit of time for me to learn some of this new stuff (I just got my lovely 19 inch drawing tablet yesterday and starting writing up storyboard outlines for Red to attempt. Also… try not to be too hard on me about the picture….I just got this program and the large tablet and I’m still learning how to use it….

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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