Vampire Princess Miyu (Anime)

Well hello my dears Glamour here and today we’ll go over an anime that is near and dear to my blood circulator unit… Vampire Princess Miyu. When I was little and Blockbuster was still a thing my mother would take me there and let me pick out a movie sometimes I picked a couple of different titles Ranma ½, Birdy The Mighty, Utena The Revolutionary Girl, and let me know when I’m dating myself… Vampire Princess Miyu. Obviously I picked up a love for anime at a very young age although what drew me to such a dreary yet lovely anime was beyond me. Although one thing to be sure was that I never once regretted watching it! Now let’s talk about why.

She’s a lovely young girl with an avant-garde hairstyle so one might ask what is this young girl doing fighting something akin to demons? Well due to her status as a Royal Vampire of her family’s bloodline she is charged with keeping those that dwell in the dark, shinma, from crossing into the human world where they would cause havoc. Shinma though they vary in name and number all feed off of humans or human souls. One of the more regrettable episodes was when a teacher who was generally kind person used a shinma to get back at some horrible school girls. She was kind yet was afraid of judgment showing that anyone could have fallen prey to them. The teacher died realizing what she had done and was put to rest while her student a young boy fascinated by vampires had asked Miyu to make him like her… that was one big indicator that she was not like the vampires they have featured lately like …yeah not typing that word. Simply put she let him run after her right off the roof of a building trying to run after her as her voice echoed into the night “Are you still bored now?”

Character Development: Miyu really didn’t have a lot of chances at development since she pretty much already has a sort of precision attributed to her calm elegance to her personality and movement. Mostly her main character developing moments were during two main struggles not to say there are not more but the main two sightings were when she explained how she got the job as shinma catcher and when someone dear to her turned out to be a trap. Who you ask? Tsk tsk my darlings… Spoilers as I quote River Song once again.

The environment tended to very between the countryside and ‘modern day’ Japan. There was also a dream world or alternate dimension of sorts that Miyu would utilize while fighting shinma alongside her handsome yet masked ally Larva and at times the shinma Shiina which comes in the form of a cute rabbit until it lifts up its ear to reveal a large yellow eye. Once in a while Reiha the ice demon shows up with Matsukaze the talking doll mostly to spectate (or in Matsukaze’s case to irritate Miyu).

The artwork mostly shows the fighting styles and of course the various kinds of shinma with appearances to be matched with their specific abilities and interests such as a shinma posing as a beauty obsessed fashion photographer of sorts becomes pair of scissors with a body made of a cloth like material somewhat shaped like a giant glove for the lower body.

All in all I love Vampire Princess Miyu I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone but I do find myself watching it again and again. Maybe I’m just a girl that loves creepy things or silent protectors in masks and young girls that protect the night. Whatever it is Miyu holds a special place in my heart now my darlings this Hatter is out!


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