Red Part 2

Madeline and Gran took to their heels while their guest took a load off due to Gran’s warm welcome filling his belly full of lead. Not that it was enough Gran lead Madeline through the forest and stopped in the middle of a circle of trees Gran called out “You take that side and I’ll take this one! Hurry!” Madeline nodded kneeling before the first tree and withdrawing chalk and herbs from her basket.

Archie howled before the wind guided his padded toes after hearing Maddy call out he knew she was fighting and sure she could hold her own it was one of the things he loved about her but the fact that someone dared attack his mate sent him into a rage. Although that would have to wait…since his mother all chestnut fur and soft eyes appeared before him family members in tow, all in feral form his mother Jeanne rubbed her muzzle on him “oh dear relax you’ve nothing to fear you’re among family now.” Archie pulled back “That’s exactly what I’m worried about mother… Where is father?” The wolf mother seemed saddened at her son’s abrupt pull from her but sighed and looked up “Well my son if you must know he’s introducing himself to your blushing bride.”

Archibald’s heart stopped before beating with fervor and snarling “out of my way mother….” Jeanne smiled at her son and turned from him “Fine… I shall get out of your way however, your cousins have missed you dearly. Play nicely now.” Then slowly took her leave as the remaining wolves came at him biting him all over his rump, throat, and anything else they could get to however as they tore at him causing torn flesh, he tore them apart swallowing down chunks of his former clan members just so he wouldn’t have to stop and spit out the pieces. It was disgusting they tasted like something stale and rotten from living in the environs but he was losing precious time…

Madeline had finished her third tree and Gran her fourth with three to finish off and link up with the others but they could hear their visitors thundering feet and howl. Gran smirked at Madeline “He thinks he’s hunting US.” She scoffed as she threw a pair of silver daggers to Madeline “Keep him busy…its almost finished.” Madeline nodded and turned towards his arrival “So you never told us who you are or why we have the pleasure of your company Mr. Wolf.” The wolf smiled and stood by a bush prior to taking to his feet in the form of a man “Miss Madeline I’m hurt that you can’t see the family resemblance… Unless you’ve never seen my son on all fours before.” Madeline gritted her teeth “Oh I’ve seen your son on all fours Mr. Loup but he boasts a more handsome figure.”

Loup let out a laugh “You’ve got some guts girl and that must be why he’s so taken with you… but don’t worry by the time I’m through with you I’ll take those fiery innards of yours and use them like garland so everyone can admire them…while your body rots.” Gran finished the final tree and spoke “Not if I have anything to say about it!” lighting a fuse that reached each tree filled with wolfs bane and pulled a cord dropping a silver net over Loup Senior. He roared as his skin was scalded by the chains and his bones shifted beneath it as he bellowed “Diamant you hag! You try my patience!” Gran smirked and pulled out a much smaller gun than her shotgun a Colt Dragoon with gold engravings of angels on the side of the gun facing outward and demons holding skulls on the side of the gun closest to Gran’s heart. Madeline took the chance while Loup was transforming to try to nail down the net with silver bolts. Loup howled and finished his transformation attempting to pull up on the net from the inside as it burned him.

Archibald looked up to the sky as his father howled and smiled at the corner of his muzzle “that’s my girl.” He then puked up everything he swallowed from the fight and ran off remembering what ‘Maddy’ always told him ‘you are what you eat’. He spat at a tree thinking every single one of his family members tasted like shit. After the reprieve he sniffed the air and ran towards the scent of Madeline. He could still smell his mother but couldn’t be bothered with her at the moment… Not when his father was bent on killing Madeline.

Jeanne watched from atop a boulder as her son ran right past her and mused “Oh to be young once more…and learn what love is…” With a sigh she turned to find a small female charcoal colored wolf behind her “Your ladyship… Is he really going to her?” Jeanne rested her muzzle on the smaller bitches’ shoulder “yes my dear I’m afraid so…but don’t worry we’ll have a mate for you yet… My son is too foolish for you anyways you deserve better Erin.” Erin sighed “No one like him… They are not strong like he is… they crumbled before him… I want strong children for our clan…” Jeanne took human form and petted Erin “and you shall have them.” Erin laid her head in Jeanne lap as she wept… wondering what a weak. Cheap, human girl could offer a strong wolf like Archibald Griffe Loup… the rightful heir to their clan…who threw everything away on a human.

The human in question was stabbing Loup Senior through the chains with multiple silver daggers that Gran kept throwing to her from a cache in a nearby tree. The longer Loup Senior remained there the more he could pick up on the scent of the blood of various creatures… These women were dark hunters, warriors trained to strike terror into the things that terrify mankind and friend to the weak. The realization of his son’s bride would take pity on the weak instead of promoting the strong… His son would be raising weakened whelps with this woman… Not necessarily weak in body but gentle of heart… Which would be the end of his bloodline…of his clan. He tore through the net in his Walking Wolf Form and reached for her in mid jumping thinking to himself ‘Dead women can’t make weak children’ before plucking her left eye out and tossing into in his mouth and licked his lips muttering “I’m going to enjoy this.” His black fur dotted with tears from Madeline’s remaining eye….

Madeline was in shock that he had actually caught her after being exposed to silver for so long but she had to keep in mind he was an Alpha and stronger than anything she had ever faced prior… The proof was currently moving down his throat…as she heard her Gran call out but something about the way she sounded…felt so far away…Until she started falling and met the ground feeling it shake as if a mountain just collapsed she looked up and saw bright brown fur over her and heard growling words “You…. YOU DID THIS!!” After those words she felt herself being picked up like a doll and being dragged aside … the hands felt familiar and gentle…Gran even muttering “you foolish girl…it had to be wolves…why can’t you just fall for elves like every other girl?” Madeline smiled and looked up with her remaining eye “but Gran…he’s so hung.” Gran simply shook her head “Foolish.”

When Archie arrived he saw Maddy in his father’s claws and jumped upon his back tearing into his flesh Maddy fell but he dropped from his father’s body to cover her with his until Grandma Diamant could get to Maddy… He took a look at her and found her left eye was missing… his fangs gritted together as a tear flowed down his cheek as he thought ‘damn it…Maddy’ then looked up at his father and glared “You…. YOU DID THIS!!” Before lunging at his father’s throat. He overheard Diamant talking to Maddy and mused her words…. Why couldn’t Maddy have just fallen for an elf instead of him smart, wise, well groomed, a perfect man for this girl versus being the mate of a wild wolf who loves the feel of the Earth beneath his feet, laying in the grass, and never approved of his choices to the point of trying to kill Madeline. Maddy’s family was not like that in the slightest… They loved drinking tea, reading, baking, and the bond between Madeline and Gran was beyond compare like a true mother and daughter… Which was only natural since she cared for Madeline since birth… Archie found it was strange how much could go through his mind all at once…while trying to claw his father’s eyes out…

Loup Senior grabbed him by the throat and threw him against a tree and attempted speech “Son… you seem distracted. How about I just kill her and you can…” Archie got up and glared at his father “Not…on your life…Madeline is my mate…and not because I chose her… because she chose me…YOU BASTARD!” What Loup Senior saw gave him pause Archibald was getting up… and not just getting up his spine was straightening and getting longer until he met his father’s eye level. Loup Senior smiled “Oh son… I’d be so proud if I didn’t have to kill you… I hope my next successor won’t be so weak minded.” He pulled his hand back and lengthened his claws as they sharpened “this is goodbye son.” He said as they came at each other… or at least as Loup Senior charged Archibald who was still not used to this new form wavered on his feet. Something shot out in front of him like a blur until he realized it was Gran with her Colt she sent one shot that broke apart and the shards were embedded into Loup Senior’s body.

While he groused Gran spoke “My granddaughter is not the most sensible woman when it comes to the heart… but she loves you and I know you’ll take care of her for me… Won’t you boy?” Archie nodded and Gran was picked up off her feet right in front of him…. The blood splatter splashed onto his face and gave him the strength to stand. What was left of Gran was thrown to the wayside like refuse even though the old woman was still breathing her eyes searched for something. Archie jumped over his father and in mid jump was pulled down and felt his father’s foot on his chest “you’re a quick learner son I almost forgot that.” A voice sounded from behind him “He didn’t come alone either…you almost forgot that too.” He looked behind him and ended up with several rounds of silver bullets in his face until it was unrecognizable.

Archie’s eyes were wide “Maddy….?” Loup Senior was pulled off of his son as Madeline muttered “So much for his argument of calling you dead weight.” She helped him stand and threw her cloak at him “Let’s go… we need to get Gran out of here.” Archie nodded and followed her carrying Gran Diamant’s fragile delicate body. From the shadows two wolf bitches watched as their leader was left in the dirt looking like he got face fucked by Smith and Wesson… Jeanne glared at the girl and her son…no the traitor… “Erin…that traitor doesn’t deserve you… but you do deserve more…from this day I claim you as my daughter…now come we must find our brethren in the southern mountains. We have much to do.” Erin nodded “yes mother…but first shouldn’t we bury him?” Jeanne looked at the body below and leaped the cliff landing beside her mate. “No… that is what humans do. We remove the silver and then let him become one with the forest he loved so much…and once he is avenged… I shall follow him.” Erin rubbed her muzzle against her mother’s shoulder “I’ll do anything for you mother.” Jeanne smiled as tears ran down her face…before they left.

Needless to say the wedding of Archibald Griffe Loup and Madeline Topaze Capuche was inevitably delayed. The bride to be had to adjust to walking without running into things with only one eye. She refused to be wed until she could properly use her weapons, which after long nights of training meant about a month since her grandmother had already taught her how to fight blind. Of course Archie had training to do as well to figure out his new Alpha form… He knew that he would be able to take the form one day but didn’t expect it so soon. Oddly much to everyone’s surprise the wedding went without a hitch even though all of the guests were armed. Even the matron of armor…I mean Matron of Honor had her trusty Colt Dragoon on her new elven made leg. Good old Gran Diamant Capuche lived and when asked what ‘kept the old bat kickin’’ replied “I’m too damn stubborn to go back to hell and Luci doesn’t have my room ready yet…It needs more pillows.”

From the shadows three figures stood by “Darling… it is as I told you. That is the traitor the one who slew the rest of our clan… He needs to be brought to justice.” The male in the group caressed his new wife’s face “His fate is certain my dear. Now let us go… We have things to do. Right Jeanne?” Jeanne smiled at her new son-in-law “Oh Roland…please call me mother.” Roland stood with his head held high as he held close his small wife of jet hair in his thick embrace with his same shade of jet hair cut short to expose his equally thick neck. He and his wife were matched in every way from their skin tone and their eyes all the way to their charcoal colored fur. Jeanne couldn’t hope for a better match and the best thing was that he would not let his wife have revenge so easily… Roland and Jeanne had dreamed up a plan that they had agreed to… without telling Erin however, when she knew there was something they were not telling her she simply said “Well how can I not trust such a loving mother… or my handsome husband?”

The night of the wedding Madeline laid in Archibald’s arms and smiled up at him he kissed her and asked “You sure you don’t still want an elf?” Madeline smirked “maybe for a threesome…” He smirked “well before that… I’m going to make you forget you ever said that.” She smiled “you can try” before pulling him closer and starting the rest of their lives….after Archie asked “if we get a female for you can I watch?….OW! I’m kidding Maddy…damn…” After Madeline smacked him in the forehead she said “Archie…shut up and get over here.”

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