Dance With Devils (Anime)

Alright my dears anime is something I love dearly… We all know that but did you know I also like the finer things cheese, some wine, a moonlit combat session where devils are singing while running from hypnotized fan girls. Okay I’ll admit the last one has not happened to me but it does occur in Dance with Devils! Now let’s get started!

Another anime started in modern Japan where Ritsuka Tachibana is always telling her mother that she frets too much while fussing over her herb filled locket. She goes to school every day as per normal until the student council calls her in. They try to hypnotize her into telling them the location of a tome of great power…. The Grimoire. Thing is the plans doesn’t pan out the girl doesn’t know where it is and she also snapped out of the trance which bewilders the student council which is of course made up of ‘devils’. Ritsuka goes on as per normal until she returns home to find her house being ransacked and her mother captured. She gets away unnoticed however when trying to show the police the damage everything is pristine and perfect… Leading them to believe that she simply dreamed it up and that the ‘so-called’ kidnapped mother had simply stepped out.

After the police ignore her pleas for help she somehow ends up in the hands of the student council president Rem Kaginuki, the very devil that tried to hypnotize her, claiming his wealthy family could assist her in the search for her mother. Meanwhile the rest of the student council who are of course also devils (along with a fallen angel and Cerberus) try to get the girl to spill and somehow come to the conclusion they have all fallen for the girl in the process and the pool of young devils is quite diverse Rem of the Arlond family (somewhat of an ice king), Urie the womanizer with a following of mindless fan girls, Mage the strong devil a living testament to fitness, Shiki the fallen angel masochist, Loewen the one and only Cerberus…available in three sizes GINORMOUS, human, and Pomeranian.

Although for Loewen don’t let his Pomeranian guise fool you he is not as gentle to everyone as he looks his alliance is to his one and only master Maksis the biggest devil they have (although he too is fond of Ritsuka). Also there is a young half vampire that also holds his heart out for Ritsuka who works hand in hand with planted operatives to keep Ritsuka from harm.

Honestly from the direction of the story its pushed to show that it all revolves around Ritsuka falling in love with demons in all the singing and dancing. Truth be told sure it has a part to play but mostly its about the girl’s growth while dealing with all this being kept captive, turning down the devils, trying not to get killed by said devils, traveling through memories that had been long since dormant, finding out the secrets behind The ominous Grimoire, and all the death going on around her. Sure the guys are falling all over themselves in love with her but let’s be honest the real story is ‘who is getting this immense stock of power first?’

The thing I loved about this series was the rhythmic movements that went with the whole musical format. The transitions were befitting the styles of music the creators were trying to impress upon the audience perfectly blending song and fighting movement. Such as when Rem fought off vampires attempting to kidnap Ritsuka after she ran off to safety. This anime took a lot of characters that could have been flat and gave them color and dimension such as Rem without the singing he could have been early Sasuke from Naruto in nice clothing… Which I’m sorry to break some fan girls dreams is quite bland and not very interesting (and I lied about being sorry, let those dreams crash girls). All in all I found it a brilliant anime and a good one to use to bring someone into starting anime because its not ‘typical’ especially if they already have an interest in music or theater to begin with. I myself sat there during my last sick period laid in my little sick nest as my husband watched it with me and even he was rolling and appreciating the use of music. With this title it is undoubtedly Hatter APPROVED! Well my dears at this time this Hatter is OUT!

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