Neuro (Anime)

Well hello my dears this time I’m running through Neuro… which is odd because of the demon’s inclination would be to run me through but first he would be fully focused on devouring mysteries. I apologize if this review is a tinge bit….off but this anime in a way goes a bit…. everywhere. A demon named Neuro chose a young girl named Yuko to give credit for solving mysteries so he would appear as a humble assistant even though behind the scenes he would feed on the mysteries harvested throughout the series.

As many stories start this one takes place in Japan modern day in an office run by Neuro’s detective agency with Yuko a normal school girl trying to figure out the reason behind her father’s death years prior along with Shinobu Godai who is pretty much the agency gopher and later on in the story they include Akane a lock of hair infused with the spirit of a young woman that died while sealed within one of the walls of the office…much to everyone’s surprise she is still an avid typist even without an actual body. Throughout the series mysteries are solved (mostly murders) when Yuko points the finger at the culprit (she does so because Neuro uses his psychic influence over her) and then explains everything claiming that Yuko solved the mystery and that he’s only conveying ‘her findings’. Meanwhile demonic influences come into play throughout the series from crazy chefs to money hungry lake monster selling entrepreneurs they pretty much see everything.

Throughout the series Neuro subtly starts actually caring about humanity and bit by bit Yuko starts to put down her spoon and actually tries to learn from Neuro as they both work on trying to figure out just who killed her father while she knew the day they would find out she would be reduced to a husk just like any of Neuro’s other victims. Which during the course of the episodes transform into a sort of demon that is a concept of their scheme and also their drive such as a man trying to push the existence of a lake monster to fill his pockets turns into a lake monster in human clothes. Although….even though throughout these trials, tribulations and transformations Yuko does get a little smarter and wiser (yes there is a difference) but the fact never changed that Yuko and Neuro still remain undeniably and crazily starving all the time.

The art style for this series was very sharp edges and drastic color changes which made the demon tools used by Neuro look crazy and interesting even if they were dangerous such as wearing an ear piece that would possibly skewer your brain if it sneezed. What can I say? Neuro is as helpful as he is dangerous with a bit of rape face which simply means he wants to kill you. Honestly whenever I need to think about the art style for this series… I just take a look at Neuro’s hair.

All in all I found this anime funny with it turning humans into demons or more precisely into the basest versions of themselves. Which in a way I found enlightening because as I see things everyone has the capacity to do anything lie, cheat, steal, even murder but to get to that point there is usually always a reason and the reasons the go with those is what I find fascinating and of course each episode goes over the reasoning, motives, and even the techniques used to go through with the act. I like this anime however I can’t call it Hatter Approved in good conscience. Mostly because the series prior to ending didn’t end well in respect to response to the murder of Yuko’s father. Well then my darlings til next time this Hatter is out!

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