Ouran High School Host Club (Anime)

Welcome to Ouran Academy an… Okay canning the intro to the school hello my darlings Glamour here and we’re causing havoc at Ouran High where the illustrious and vastly diverse Host Club charm and entertain the daughters of the wealthy, spoiled,.. And Haruhi. Haruhi is a scholarship student attending Ouran High but gets roped into trouble with the Host Club by getting caught up in their shenanigans like a trailer in a tornado with the collateral damage count ending with one vase and Haruhi’s freedom. A girl masquerades as a boy quite by accident  due to her short hair, thick glasses, and baggy clothes Haruhi is mistaken for a boy and also made to work for the cost of the vase that was broken and is assigned to the as Club Dog which simply means that Haruhi is made to go fetch. Although after a new uniform, contacts, and some shining lightbulbs the Host Club discovers that both a handsome host and a lovely lady hide beneath those baggy clothes! After finding out Haruhi could indeed pull off being a capable host did she start paying back the host club for the vase. However her influence and theirs does not stop at the gate with the boys of the host club dragging her to expensive vacations and dangerous waterparks inhabited by alligators and hired fighters…. Haruhi’s days never end up dull even when she does something as simple as bringing in instant coffee or as the hosts like to call it ‘commoner’s coffee’ . Throughout the series Haruhi doesn’t truly change a lot more than just learning a lot about each of the boys as they change from being around her day in and day out. Even while dealing with bullying what helped was that the host club stood up for her and banned one of their most prominent guests claiming that one who would say throw someone’s school bag into a pond was not classy enough to be a guest of the host club. Haruhi just learns to rely on others a bit more since she already had a level head on her shoulders… What more do you really have to learn about self-improvement when your father is a cross dresser and she’s already a top student? The funniest thing is how the boys change without even really noticing it themselves Tamaki enforces himself as ‘Daddy’ while getting protective of Haruhi. Also if Tamaki Suoh sounds familiar its because he’s voiced by Victor Joseph Mignogna the same man that voiced Full Metal Alchemist’s Edward Elric and the stars don’t end there with Kyoya Ootori, being voiced by John Micheal Tatum who also voices another favorite character of mine Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler. Though his voice sultry and deep sorry ladies he is very much unavailable to us (I feel your pain I was crushed by that news myself.). The art interesting part about the art for the series was the use of emotion of extensive range the best example I could use for that would be Honey sempai with his stuffed rabbit usually any day of the week he can be seen with his rabbit smiling, adorable and eating every sweet thing in sight however upon inspection of his beloved item he instantly turned dark and threatening when he found it covered in tea. The other host club members feared his wrath so much that Tamaki even planned to call upon the spirit of the Honey’s grandmother who made the doll to quell the beast…until Takashi saved everyone from an untimely death by simply saying that Honey’s rabbit was thirsty and wanted some tea… Honey instantly bought it and went on his merry way. Although each of the boys is handsome in their own right and seemingly carefree the history of each is very intricate… In a way reminding me of Diabolik Lovers since each had their own struggle which the girls learn of in each series as they grow to care for her…. However don’t get it twisted that’s where the similarities for those series stops… The bonding and everything else are completely different along with the overall tone. Finishing up.

All in all this is a very light hearted and sweet anime that made me laugh like no tomorrow. Upon initially discovering it I couldn’t help but marathon it. It’s a good anime to brighten up anyone’s day with a few deep rooted stories intertwined. This I’ll definitely give a Hatter APPROVED!!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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