Noragami (Anime)

Well hello my dears Glamour here and this time I’m hitting up Noragami an anime I recently picked up and at first I was not exactly didn’t expect a lot from at first but I’ll admit that my view point changed very quickly. At first I saw some guy beating a creature while wearing gym clothes and a handkerchief around his neck… that was dumped by his weapon. As soon as my brow rose I was almost ready to switch out but I had a good feeling and I stuck with it. I soon found out there was also a girl that was drawn into a world of gods and their weapons (regalia). Now let’s get to it!

Story is set up in modern day Japan as many a story start where while Yato former god of war (now sort of acting as God of Odd Jobs) searches for ‘My Lord’ he nearly gets hit by a truck and is saved by a young girl named Hiyori. A normal girl going to school, hanging with friends, her soul being disconnected from her body constantly….which I’ll admit the last is not so normal and obviously interferes with her life especially when she doesn’t realize that her soul detached. She asks Yato to investigate and cure her condition. During that time she met and befriended a few gods and even more regalia including Yukine also known as Sekki, a very powerful regalia under the employ of Yato. The regalia are weapons wielded by gods that are to be pure spirits and also able to use a human form however they are unable to be seen by anyone without spiritual ability.

Throughout the series the changes happen subtly throughout Yato though is always money grubbing (he wants a temple of his very own.) He exhibits a lot of caring that most gods don’t demonstrate even though he’s proven the capability to be cold and works hard for his ambitions even if it meant scrubbing a toilet or walking someone’s dog. Hiyori while she learns about the spirit world finds herself stronger than she’s ever been solving dilemmas between deities and caring for Yukine while Yukine comes to terms with what it really means to be a regalia or even what it means to not be ‘normal’.

The art is nothing particularly different save the style of creatures and the character design implemented for Nora (which means stray) which is a name is given to a regalia with more than one master. They are regarded as dangerous and though powerful the Nora shown in this series (even though she’s a little girl) is treated in the same way as a whore or if one examines the relationship between her and Yato a bad ex-girlfriend that tries to get him to pick up his old habits…. All in all like most anime it caught my interest due to the character dynamics and the way the world was built to test them. Such as a god being unable to be held to human standards because they in a way can’t understand them or that a regalia’s behavior affecting their master much like a lord suffering for the actions of a vassal. All in all it’s a short series but one I rather enjoyed. Especially when the characters realized just how much they really meant to each other even spoiled Yukine realized how much he really appreciated that old money grubbing, poor, moocher, lay-a-bout Yato. As for Hiyori, well I won’t tell but I’m pretty sure she’s happy with how everything turned out.

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