Bravely Second Demo (3DS)

Well darlings I’ll share something special with you… Got the in on a demo for Bravely Second!! I love the shit out of it already and have already completed that so I’m extra pumped for the full game’s release! Now let’s talk about it!

To start off with the trio you start with are three valiant men that call themselves The Three Cavaliers made up of Yew, Janne, and Nikolai. They show up to a built up Al-Khampis the land formerly under the control of several Asterisk holders. Now changed over to a land of learning and progress. Although the city’s progress is something to behold the Cavaliers arrived at Al-Khampis on orders straight from The Leader of the Orthodoxy, The Pope, and Her Holiness Agnes Oblige. Worried about the strange occurrences said to be going on in that area. They meet up with a decidedly very French sounding young lady named Magnolia claiming to be their guide. She also gave herself another title… which I’ll admit….made me stifle a chuckle ‘Ba’al Buster’. Moving on my dears.

The graphics are still jaw dropping and they’ve added a couple of things such as instead of having Airy on your bottom screen you get Agnes who you’re able to talk to and ask questions and such. Even though she is far away they include her in some pretty long discussions. The maps have gotten more complex and the model for Magnolia has me on the edge…  Let me explain she has a very bubbly and confident personality but the fact that she somewhat looks like Airy…makes me want to run her through with a dagger a thousand times. Anyways, moving on at the start of this game you also get a good chance to look at the other models (only on Magnolia because they won’t let you see the other three in anything but their free lancer clothes) since they give you a freebie jobs aside from freelancer you get Valkyrie, Wizard, and Astrologian. Throughout the demo I was able to retrieve Red Mage, Sword Master, Performer, Hawkeye and Exorcist. In a way I was a little disappointed to see some of the stronger bosses from the last game shown so early and powered so immensely down . Although seeing that there are a lot more jobs available is something that sounds exciting especially since the jobs now max out at level 4 although I’m hoping that change stays and its not just something for the demo like the level cap of 20 for the characters base levels.

The system is mostly the same however they did add some nice little bonuses such as being able to save your favorite combinations from party compilation (who is in what job) and even favorite actions to use during battle like if you want to start with a buff before customizing magic attacks, physical attacks,  upto 3 command sets and one repeat option to simply repeat a combination recently used… Another thing is you can even activate chain battles where you can take on waves of enemies in succession which helps with the grind, bonuses, and even multiplies the experience gained. The highest I think I’ve done with Brave X 4 of nothing but attacks has been 11 victories in succession. Still at this time again I’m only allowed to go as far as a boss battle with some creature known as a Ba’al and then you return to town and go into a cut scene where the demo finishes it out. Oh and for those who liked building up Norende you get to build up the colonies on the moon to help out Magnolia and for those that like reading over the encyclopedias there has also been a change there. On top of a short description of each enemy the characters also talk about each creature (each character with their own icon to denote who said what).  What I found interesting had to be when the team had a discussion about Praline (and Nikolai having multiple CDs of Praline).

All in all I’m looking forward to the full version coming out in April. Until the next review my dears this Hatter is OUT!

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