What’s Yours Is Mine (web comic)

Well hello my darlings today I write about something that’s been bringing me soooo much joy! While scanning taptastic I found something that seemed familiar from my childhood, Pucca. It was an adorable series back in the day about a young girl that was essentially the daughter of a noodle shop and three gentlemen chefs that just happened to fancy a young ninja. Now and then I love a revitalization of things that I’ve seen from my youth and I love seeing new talent! Now before I just prattle onto nowhere let’s get going!

Storyline/Background/Environment: In the quiet of Sooga Village Pucca lives as she did in the series blissfully following around the ninja Garu with a heart full however, due to events I won’t spoil, Tobei catches her eye… Along with the rest of her as a ‘villain’ would. Now at this time the young lady working on this oh so diligently is still well working on it so if I share any more I’m afraid I’ll spoil it. So I’ll share some feelings about the ‘events’ and we’ll continue on!

Art : The art work is very clean and with the black and white panels she uses her tools well to show damage and also with the interesting use of even Garu’s clothing makes even a silent character like say a ninja speak volumes! Also the fight scenes were very well done in terms of transition which made the funny parts even better a perfect example would be the sequence of events of someone being thrown from the surprise to the delivery I’ll admit I end up scolling through again and again! Also with the color panels such as the bath scene with Abyo and Ching (no tender pieces showing…pervs). Also one of my favorite parts happens to be of Pucca’s dreaming where her first dance is NOT with Garu. The color panels are very soft yet vibrant enough to make the characters pop!

Character Development: So this is where more of my ‘feelings’ get into the mix from seeing the relationships subtly change. However, seeing Pucca and Tobei bonding on some level that he’s gone as far as even making certain she has her own customized ninja outfit (Can’t be a proper ninja in a pretty dress sorry ladies!). Just how much bonding you ask? Well my dears… you’ll simply have to go find out!

This story is available on Patreon and Taptastic. It’s something I’m very fond of the art is gentle but the idea of the possibility of the ‘bad guy’ getting the happy ending in a way touches my heart strings. Stories like this are those that keep me reading week to week. Kind of like watching Once Upon A Time and cheering for Regina or in this case Hook…. Only with longer hair and no guy liner. Anyways the links are below and I’ll have you know my darlings this web comic is sooooo Hatter Approved that I have indeed myself pledged money to support this artist! Also since I’m sending this link to the artist upon completing this entry I want to say thank you for making this story for sharing something you love with everyone who reads it with being in the military I need to find things that make me happy to keep doing what I do and with your comic I truly do find that. Thanks. Now my darlings, this Hatter is OUT!



About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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