Bizenghast (manga)

Well hello my dears after a couple of off tops I’m going to lighten things up a little with an otherworldly manga I love! It’s so lovingly twisted! It kind of hits me home because sometimes I feel like the people around me think I’m simply crazy even though there is a lot more to it than that. Which goes double for this book in my case at first I refused to pick it up because I didn’t like the way the noses were drawn… Anyways when I finally did pick up this Manga I was pleasantly surprised now let’s get going!

Dinah lives with her Aunt in a building rich with history and clouded in death in the days of old the building was once an asylum and school for troubled boys that burned down. So living in a house full of spirits, the death of her parents, and a strong sixth sense don’t especially do well together especially when one involves the world of modern medicine. Essentially you tell your aunt that you see dead people you’re told you’re crazy however Dinah throughout this series is lucky enough to have a good friend a young man named Vincent who was left to his own devices while his parents traveled the world sending their son a check each month to sustain him.

Eventually one night they go out to explore and happen upon a mausoleum where they find the spirits of those passed on dreaming until they are put to their final rest after their dreams are made sense of and dealt with. Which they must do every single night or else Dinah’s life is forfeit. So she’s forced to go to a mausoleum every night in a town decrepit and rotting until she has emptied all of the vaults however…

Little by little the duo learns more about themselves and eachother while picking up new friends such as the Tower Guards Edaniel and Edrear. Edaniel is the brother usually better with things like puzzles and magic however he has a strange sense of humor and a love for Saturday morning cartoons while his brother Edrear is a combat oriented gentleman in exoskeleton armor with a soft spot for girls…even if he can’t figure out what emotions are truly (constructs its like trying to explain the use of a handkerchief to a golem a bit useless). The backgrounds are endless and strange due to the diverse amount of dreams that Dinah and Vincent run through however they didn’t go through alone and something is and has been going on in Bizenghast since before the fire burned down the boys school claiming the lives of those unable to get out. Although with all the doom and gloom and misery the camaraderie comes along nicely even with Edaniel’s off color jokes “Wanna make out?”, “Victor ever consider parting your hair in the back?”, “yeah there are people actually READING THIS BOOK!”.

What I found interesting was that this manga a Japanese format was based on a German fairytale which is turn was written by an English woman (I think its English…) Alice Legrow. The style of the clothing is eye-catching and goes well with the Victorian setting. At first again I was put off by the way the noses were drawn. Which now I realize is just dumb. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the art concepts including the covers where they gave Dinah qualities of different items like replacing body parts or as seen in one one of the pictures in the cover the section of her stomach that’s missing yet not oozing blood.

I could get lost reading those manga for a good while even if its not a long series. With that I call this book Hatter APPROVED. Well my darlings happy nerding! Glamour out!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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  1. Anonymous

    I picked up this short series at the recommendation of a friend. At first I didn’t think I’d like it so much because I’m not too into the gothic art style, but it grew on me and I ended up loving it! The story is amazing!

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