Diabolik Lovers Season I and II (anime)

Hello my darlings I’m touching on another very touchy anime that I myself even had mixed feelings about… Why? This anime has a couple of things I like and a couple of things that very much drove me up the wall. One thing I’ll admit I like seeing is Reverse Harems mostly just because well for starters I’m a female and what person has not thought about being waited on hand and foot by a harem of their own choosing? The reverse of it is though this anime looks very pretty and elegant it is anything but…. Young Yui Komori seems like a sweet girl and half of the time I wondered why I was even watching this… and others I was not sure I could stop… Well let’s get going!

Storyline: A young girl finds herself in a house with six beautiful young men but there are a couple of issues her father didn’t notify her of upon sending her to live with them… The first is they are vampires which I guess with the modern day adaptation of vampires one could easily get over that however the more important factor is that every single one of those boys looks at her like some bug they can squash whenever they like. Although due to orders from their father they must restrain themselves from killing her (not that it helps her that much). They essentially treat her like a blood bank they just happen to be rude to… Which boiled my blood all throughout season one and then into season two once the guys from the house finally treat her kindly she must start over in a brand new house with four new vampires that want her blood for other reasons. Although in each season with each young man their torments and struggles from their lives are shown and gone over which helps Yui get over the fact that her housemates are hellacious douche bags. Oddly enough Yui brings all the vampires together in one way or another while having to deal with bouts of jealousy from every angle… All in a day I suppose.

Background/Environment: The background is a pretty isolated one including two mansions and a night school that Yui tries to escape from. Although the mansions have quite a list of places to check out secret passages underground, the room Yui’s father once stayed in, a flower garden at the first mansion, a vegetable garden at the second mansion.

Character Development: Yui doesn’t really change as a person until she ends up ‘possessed’ and the omnipresent Uncle from Season one doesn’t really change either he and his ‘beloved’ just gradually just reveal just how cruel they are. The only real changes were with the boys’ treatment of Yui which is quite small since they speak to her in the same way (while reading the subtitles she is repeatedly called ‘little bitch’ but I think they tried to call her puppy-chan or something but it got messed up in translation). In some ways the men just keep getting more and more possessive. Which is oddly on turning with the biting aspect and the little noises Yui makes while getting bitten…?

Art (animated media): The art is somewhat of an attempt of elegance but does not overly show it even with everything going on in a mansion. Each of the boys has their own version of dress and most of them are more punk esque from both houses… Honestly there was only one somewhat elegant vampire from either houses but even he was a stoic jerk “You thought I was making you tea? Of course I didn’t make you tea… you’re just my food….Okay I’ll give you some of MY TEA…enjoy the numbing agent while I suck your blood!” (no that was not a legit line but you get the idea).


All in all I think I’m more intrigued to see who they are fighting next in the foretold season III but I wouldn’t necessarily call it Hatter approved… Watching them all abuse the young girl made me quite angry she was also a little spineless by not defending herself when able after receiving a silver knife from the youngest brother back in the first mansion. If you don’t like seeing a girl repeatedly abused. I don’t blame you and this anime is not for you. Although if you like the idea of perseverance of a pure heart and something that reminds me of really soft porn (they don’t show anything they just show her expression and pump up the volume on the girl’s reactions to being bitten along with posing and innuendo) with dehumanization……… Ok let me try that again. If you’re into those pain is pleasure things then this is a considerable item. So this review was a bit strange for me to put together…. So I’m going to… I honestly don’t know what to do next… Hatter Out.

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