Grimm Fairytales: Wonderland (Comic)

So obviously I love Alice in Wonderland so when I saw at my local comic store Comikaze at Liberty Station the Grimm Fairytales Omnibus for Wonderland. Well there were obviously no more questions were asked because I was undoubtedly leaving with that giant book. Now the Grimm Fairytales comic series is known for taking your childhood tales and making them into the things of nightmares. Wonderland does not disappoint in the slightest. Now let’s get going!

Storyline: Alice went to Wonderland as a young girl and even went back but in this version she goes back loses a piece of herself and then goes back again for good. I get what you’re thinking right now “But if Alice is dead than what’s the point?” One word my dears legacy. When Alice left for Wonderland for the final time she left behind a cheating husband, a twisted son, and a daughter with raven black hair. After what is deemed by the ‘civilized world’ as the suicide of dear Alice her daughter Carroll must deal with the aftermath including what remained from what her mother tried to protect her from.

Character Development/ Background/Environment: Nothing truly started really until after Alice died. Alice’s son murders his father and his lover, Carroll sacrifices her father’s murderer to Wonderland and takes off with a boyfriend to a town where no one knew them only to find herself pregnant and that Wonderland never stopped trailing her. As pieces of Wonderland made it into our world leaving blood and death in its wake. The environments range in the real world from the quite home of the Liddel’s all the way to the noisy bustling city. Although in Wonderland the best question is where didn’t Carroll go? Also for an extra treat after the main story finished there were a few mini stories that go over just how the supporting characters in Wonderland arrived there. I must admit my favorite mini story was when the Cheshire cat made friends with a young college girl being tortured day in and day out at the dorms she lived in. So she took in a stray and he was so grateful for her kindness he killed everyone that was cruel to her.

Art : I found the art was very bright considering it is a horror comic while Wonderland looked vibrant the use of bright blues and pinks did not in any way make the book any less horrifying if anything every last detail drove the emotions home. Some good examples were Alice’s conversations with the decaying white rabbit, Carroll almost getting raped by the Mad Hatter, and the scene left in a dinner that the Cheshire cat was let loose in.

This series I declare Hatter APPROVED however if you can do like I did and find an omnibus see if your local comic store can order for you. The series is complete and the book is large but it is so worth it especially when you think about how much time it would take to track down every last comic…. Well my dears that is my piece for tonight this Hatter is out!… (and contemplating posts every 3 days versus every day).

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