Angel Sanctuary

Alright as you guys may or may not know I am an atheist. However I enjoy stories of all kinds including those that drum up a bit of controversy. Kaori Yuki is one of the writers that usually drums up a lot of controversy with the switched roles of heaven and hell in this book, life and death in other books, etc… With that said nothing said in this review is indicative of my beliefs or lack thereof. If you wish to have a discussion with me over that topic… don’t. I will not entertain conversations with conversion on either side. I allow people their beliefs and they allow me mine… (not that one could or should really try to change the other). With that said aking him more than himself to save his sister which just happens to coincides with saving the planet and restoring order in some small way ….after tearing it all down first. The story goes through its twists and turns with the implementation of the angel eater child, the flawed mind of the angel Rosiel, angel offspring, and other various debacles including corruption reaching even the highest ranks of Heaven which of course turned the angel Alexiel against Heaven in the first place. So all in all no rest for anyone at this rate.nd done let’s get started!

Storyline: He’s a trouble maker with a cute twin sister. His name is Setsuna Mudo and he is just trying to get past the fact he’s in love with his sister when demons clad in leather tell him he’s an angel that fell from Heaven and they essentially need a general. After he so matter-a-factly tells the demons to go fuck themselves things start changing around him. People turning into creatures, some asshole kidnaps Sarah, and he’s feeling less and less like himself while finding out he’s lived countless lives all of them ending tragically because he (though he was a ‘she’ at the time) rebelled against a corrupt heaven

Background/Environment: Starts in Japan at a typical highschool, moves to heaven, hell, etc…

Character Development: Throughout the series it essentially takes a young selfish man ma

Art: The art for this manga takes a very delicate looking approach with emphasis on intricate backgrounds like the impressive work on the statues. Also the expressions were choice from the fits of little Metatron looking for ‘Sevy’. Sevothtarte’s genuine disgust for everything around him/her, the rage of Rosiel, etc… All from the detailed work on posture and a few well placed chibi faces. Sure a lot of emotion is shown by the eyes but this artist makes lovely use of the space given. I also heard there is a three episode anime out for this series but I have not gotten ahold of it as of yet… The best emotional range however I must admit was shown by Kurai the princess of hell my absolute favorite character in this book!

All in all I love Kaori Yuki’s work because nothing is off limits which is something that I believe makes a wonderful writer and artist! So I’ll say it again I adore this book! Does it push boundaries? YES and THANK YOU! At this point I would say Hatter APPROVED although HUGE side note not for children or the easily butt hurt. Society has become too fragile for my taste I’ll sadly admit but writers that ask questions and make waves in such a respect have my respect and admiration. Well my dears this Hatter is out since it’s early in the morning here and I just got back from watching Deadpool! Just took my husband to see it and as far as movies pushing the envelope this had me ROLLING! No spoliers on that my dears! Now legitimately this Hatter is OUT!!

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