Rose of Versailles

Well hello my darlings today’s topic is the Rose of Versailles an anime featuring Marie Antoinette but actually revolves around her female captain of the guard Oscar. I’ll kick this off initially with I am not a history buff but after some minor amount of research its kind of half and half how much of this anime is actually historically accurate. Such as the Captain of the guard protecting Marie Antoinette was a member of the noble Jarjayes household however was actually a male by the name of Francois Augustin Regnier de Jarjayes. Also a lot of the events that took place did happen however they were out of order although one thing I found to be false entirely was with Marie Antoinette being denoted as having trouble having children in the series. She did indeed have children after her brother acted as marriage counselor they had one female child in 1778 and after that Marie Antoinette did have an affair with Axel Von Fersen ( the anime tried to say she had no children when she cheated on her husband). Anyways you get the point if I continue with this I’ll be at it all day… Moving on!

Storyline/Background/Environment: As previously mentioned this anime is not completely historically accurate however, I find that it is more about the struggles that could come with being the Queen’s guard especially the Captain of the guard for Marie Antoinette who made a name for herself in the name of fashion but earned the name of Madame Deficit for her excess. Essentially the series follows the struggles of Lady Oscar trying to act as friend, confidant, and guide on top of being her guardian. Initially some of the struggles prior to the entrance of Marie Antoinette were simply her upbringing as a male for a father desperate for a son and her distaste for her father’s wish to protect Marie Antoinette after finally taking the position her life only gets crazier from there from Marie Antoinette’s antics, Court Politics, and even people trying to frame her mother for murder… Oscar did not have easy days by any means. This anime was to cover before and during the French Revolution (which many blame Marie Antoinette for).

Character Development: The character development in this for me was rather…. Odd. Usually you notice everyone getting more mature, learning things and becoming lovelier… There are a few characters that do that such as Oscar of course. Although most of the time you see Marie Antoinette grow more and more stubborn while restraining yourself from face palming every few minutes… Whether it was flea bottom colored clothing, gambling away the people’s money, petty squabbles with Madame Du Barry, etc… Marie Antoinette is the first character I’ve ever actually REMEMBERED or was of note for going backwards…

Art (animated media): The art lead me to the initial idea that it was an older anime and also reminded me of one of my first anime series Utena The Revolutionary Girl when checking the dates this anime was originally run in 1979-1980 and given 40 episodes. After reading more into it apparently Utena was inspired by Oscar. Which explains the nostalgia I felt while watching it.

All in all I found it a joy to watch and inspired me to want to do the research to find out just what was historically accurate on what was not. Now I’m surprised to find out there was a live action movie created for this series called Lady Oscar… this I will admit I must look into! Well darlings I bid thee goodnight because this Hatter is out!

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