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Hello my darlings now that I have a full grasp on my review set ups I decided to do a review on a series that pulls at my heart strings in manga and anime form! For that purpose I guess I’ll call this a mixed review though let’s be honest if I’m reading it in manga form and watching it in anime form you know for a fact that I already love the hell out of this series!! Now let’s get started!

Storyline/Maintain/Background/Environment: A young girl moves from the docile life of living in the country with her grandmother to living with her Aunt Yuuko a very well-known reporter in Tokyo. Before even settling in at her new home young Misaki is dazzled by a battle on a large screen between feminine fighters and brought new confidence in the realization that strength is not merely decided by size. Shortly after this revelation she meets a strange man and spends all her money on devices to make her very own miniature fighter, an angel. Throughout both versions of this series everything is very well maintained as far as mannerisms and quirks. Such as Mr. Icchan getting arrested for being a creep and Wizard’s handler trying to guess the color of Misaki’s underwear however the anime does elude to more of the actual training aspects involved with training with the angels as only motion media can obviously. There are also a couple of extra stories included such as Misaki and Hikaru (her angel) fighting against a cheating deus and her angel aside from the fight with Mao and her deus. The deus being the angel’s controller. Although I will admit I saw more emotions from the manga format but again with anything you’ll see a difference in the format.

Character Development: The young lady changed throughout the short series before the audience’s eyes from a meek girl who accidentally gave her nickname when signing up for her first match to going toe to toe with the number one angel in the layer! Also she even towards the ends is able to forge a relationship with her estranged mother. To be clear the girl was not abandoned or anything she simply lived with anyone but her mother due to her mother’s anxiety after the death of her father.

Art: Bright, cheery , as one would expect from a light hearted series however what makes this series interesting is the emphasis on fighting styles especially with Misaki learning martial arts. She uses that and her quick wit to figure out how to counter various fighting styles such as the wind attacks by the Lovely Dancing Lanka. In fact the use of different themes for each of the angels was also interesting from Alice with bunny ears, Arabic inspired Lanka, Ninja like Light Speed Suzuka, and simple yet futuristic Hikaru. Although the individuality of the angels doesn’t stop at their customized outfits even their bodies are specially constructed to emphasize certain strengths like Shirahime dressed as a delicate white angel however her true nature is revealed by sand in the layer.

All in all I rave and love this series even though it seem girly and revolves around ‘toys’ it is good for anyone that likes to observe hand to hand combat but is still good for a laugh. Although it does shed light on some of the more serious aspects of competition and tournaments it could be seen as a good educational tool for young children. Sure there is a little ‘hinting’ at relationships and such but it’s so light that it’s not even truly noticeable by those not looking for it. All in all it is Hatter Approved! Well my darlings to finish this off I’m going to try my best to put up a post every day (to the best of my ability). I’m hoping to run up views and support! Speaking of support my lovelies still a lackluster number of votes for The Touch of Rhythm Tournament! So again share the hell out of it because aside from helping you guys finding things you love from what I write I also love the feedback so til next time my darlings this Hatter is OUT!

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