Cute High Earth Defense Force LOVE!

Hello my darlings Glamour is about and today I’m going over something so funny I could scarcely believe it myself. I was scrolling through Hulu til one day I realized they actually had this anime. I shied away from it at first as people tend to with an anime that looks so off but that’s only because it really is very off. However how else can you explain a show where a pink wombat with a pink heart on its side kills a man? That surprised look you have on right now after that line pretty sure it’s the same one I had after finding out that a dead man was walking around with the same wombat to keep himself from decaying.

Art (animated media): The art is very bright and cheery such as one would expect from something I can only describe Sailor Moon mixed with Glitter Force (Original Netflix series) with bishounen kicked in and all female influence kicked out. Since the entire thing is based at an all male school.

Storyline/Background/Environment: Wombat crashes into the lives of six lovely young men and a green hedgehog shows up in the lives of three also handsome student council members of the same school. The Earth Defense Club composed of the six Battle Lovers save the school from the Conquest Club from taking over using the negative emotions in young men of their school to take over the world. Meanwhile the Wombat has to deal with the constant ‘fluffing’ (which just means petting/cuddling) of Battle Lover Scarlet, keeping the Battle Lovers together, stopping his murder victim from rotting as his (advanced alien tech is being used to revive him), and criticism for his choices as far as the Battle Lover’s dress and catch phrases…Which he apparently took a ‘whole week’ to come up with.

Character Development: Regardless of the jokes and everything along with the “ is he gay?” moments and the questions constantly occurring there is actually some character development in this series. Though I grant you it is mostly humorous the boys do grow and most of the show is indeed based on the development of the characters and their relationships. One of the best examples I noticed was when one of the creatures which took the form of a kotatsu (table with a blanket under it) sabotaged friendships. The greater the friendship the more strife that would follow the monster’s effects. When one of the Battle Lovers Cerulean was angry with his best friend Battle Lover Epinard when he found out a monster was responsible for his rage pushed through it to help his friends. Afterwards they went on some long spree of wanting to better themselves and apologizing for laundry lists of misdeeds between them.

If you’re scared that you’ll seem like ‘less of a man’ for watching this then honestly I’ll say your ego is huge and that it would mean that your confidence in your masculinity is lackluster to begin with. Sure this may not be for everyone. I’ll admit the show gets a bit repetitive with the battles going the same way every time (save the last episode). I found it as a good pick me up during my sick time (still finishing up) and was an honest good laugh. Can it be seen as a mockery of Sailor Moon? Probably. Do I care? Not really. Its funny and though its not quite Hatter Approved for every day of the week it can give a weary heart a pick me up after a slight “WTF is this moment?” Then again this is coming from the girl that also marathoned Glitter Force and can’t get Glitter Sunny’s catch phrase out of my head. “PUPPIES AND KITTENS THE POWER OF LOVE I AM GLITTER SUNNY!” Well with that all said and off you go my dears because as always this Hatter is OUT!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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