Birdy The Mighty: Decode

Well hello my darlings I’m running through an older anime today and for this I’m going to kick it off with a well-known fact. Living with the opposite gender is torment! Guys I know its tough sharing a house with a woman she’s so needy/naggy, she never knows what she wants to eat, she takes forever in the bathroom for no reason right? Ladies we also can remember how much of a pain of the neck guys are to live with they never put anything away, you feel like his mother from having to tell him things multiple times from ages ago, he groans when you ask the simplest thing, or worse yet when you get on him about stuff he asks why and if you can help it like being tidy is a bad thing right? (I know this is kinda long just bear with me) Now imagine not just sharing your home with someone but the same body! That is was Tsutomu Senkawa had to deal with when Federation Police Officer Birdy Cephon Altera murdered him. Now let’s get going!

Storyline: The typical life of a teenage boy is interrupted when a bout of curiosity brings young Tsutomu to a seemingly abandoned building. Where Birdy ends up locked in a battle with aliens seeking to let loose a weapon that could destroy the planet working alongside our proud officer is Tuto her guardian… The one who in a way acted as her conscience and uttered a warning a little too late to save Tsutomu’s life. After finding out that she accidentally took his life Birdy took the young man’s mind and allowed him to take refuge in her body in a sort of penance until his own body was restored. You would think it would be an easy day right? Not when your bodymate still can’t find her fugitives or the weapon they were transporting. Throughout both seasons everything is still dealing with the weapon and its aftermath although the second season is more about those responsible for the first season and the effects. However, even after the second season there were questions unanswered. It hinted at a possible third season but to no avail I’m afraid. Also there was a small piece of Birdy suffering the life of an idol with a massive appetite for the sake of Earth food as Shion Arata.

Character Development: Throughout the series the characters are both introverts with only a few friends but they learn to branch out and care for others including eachother with the loss of precious characters such as Tuto (who is brought back in as a lack luster cellphone) and the amnesia of a girl that Tsutomu fancied.

Art: The art I found to be in the typical anime style however the implementation of the organic look of the space technology is what I found particularly special about this series. The style blended well and I found it endearing. Especially when the artist chose to use an orange filter of sorts to show the inner monologue between Tsutomu and Birdy.

Background/Environment: The environment as previously mentioned went back and forth between Earth and space. Also some things I found were very interesting was how while in space it hit some things very close to home with shared issues such as memorials being held and racism being a problem. Birdy herself was classified as an Ixioran Altairan the first part of that word meant she was made for a specific purpose: combat and the second part meant that she was of a race similar to humans or as some aliens mentioned in the series that Altairans simply looked like humans. Meanwhile they would deal with terrorist attacks, crooked politicians, heavy handed officials with too much power, and of course corruption most foul.

All in all I very much enjoyed this anime even if it is old. Sometimes the old things are best. I highly recommend and call this Hatter approved! I feel that this may be too in line with what has been going on lately but what can you do? Review something else? I could but I won’t let current events stop me since I already promised a review on this and I figured out my pillars of Motion Media and Static Media. What do those things mean? Well I guess you’ll have to wait and find out! Well darlings this Hatter is OUT!

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