Well things have gone a little crazier than I would have liked recently and I just wanted to update…. I was going to put most of this in a video but technical difficulties occurred which were solved…then I got sick. Brilliant. So I recently picked up RWBY on Steam and am trying to attempt a sort of let’s play on that to see how that goes. Don’t be surprised if I sound like a bit of a loon when I do that….after I’m done being sick. Also I am extending the  voting the Tournament until the 30th of this month. Since I’ve not had a lot of votes….as of yet… Even one joker that I’ll admit…. just doesn’t apparently follow simple directions. So my darlings, I do encourage voting and all that. Meanwhile on the 20th I’ll be attending the most charming Dr. Who night and taking my suit based off the 10th doctor for a spin. In the most lovely café which I checked out the other day. So not sure how I got sick or how long I will be sick but I’ll keep you guys on the up and up! Happy gaming my dears Hatter out!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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