Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)

Well hello my darlings! Time to go through a review I thought I would have been a little more excited about… Mostly I love Final Fantasy games with my heart and soul but this one… This one leaves me cold especially after having played Final Fantasy XIV (the MMORPG) and a few of the newer games after that I’m not particularly thrilled with the direction the makers of Final Fantasy are going… I warn you for this review this is the first time I’ve felt that I’ve had to force myself to play through a game but I felt I couldn’t do a proper review until I did so. Now let’s get going.

Storyline: In the beginning you start off creating your character and all is fine. Once you’re done you are instantly thrown into a battle with Bahamut. You are obviously no match for the creature that you had no business with in the first place so after a random voice tells you to haul your ass out of there. You do. After that you find yourself in a village being assigned different tasks initially they are exams to make certain you are indeed capable of being an explorer…. Sadly that’s it honestly there is not a real story at all just random people asking you for crap.

Character Development: None. There is no story. Surama just drops you off in the village like a bad egg and you become the town’s chore monkey and guinea pig. A lot of the main tasks are bounties or you learning to do something and the subquests are mostly based around your abilities. Honestly in this game you don’t even get levels…. the only way to really improve yourself at all is by getting better equipment which they won’t just sell you (you just get the initial equipment for the different classes). You need to gather the materials to gain the different items. Honestly I’m not that happy about it.

Battle System/Learning Curve: The battle system is completely AP based with a cool down implied. According to some reading I’ve done you are supposed to be able to turn into different characters from throughout the series. Also you are supposed to be able to wield the power of the aeons (I am sooo not calling them eidelons) through capturing them through magicite… I’ll be honest. I stopped there because I was tired of being annoyed by this game and having to force myself on it like a bad prom date. The game lied to me when it said it needed only 100 crystal energy to go into a crystal surge state meanwhile I’m having to push 150 before seeing the first spark of it and there was also supposed to be some sort of auto set up for the process of getting into the capture mode of the magicite but after I saw Ifrit disappear without so much as a prompt. I just put down my DS… I was done.

Graphics: The graphics I shall admit are a saving grace… They are cute yet sharp when you observe the finer details of the armor, the aeons, etc… What else? Nothing. Sure I like pretty graphics but without a drive, a reason, a good story… What’s the point?

Playtime/Replayability: NO.

Alright… final verdict. As you can see by my pony. I’m not impressed. Final Fantasy is going into a weird thing of trying to break into other niches which of course I get but they seem to be half assing them and breaking my heart doing so. As I have mentioned within the Final Fantasy Theatrhythm reviews Final Fantasy is being adventurous for attempting new strides with their games however not fully researching all of the options for optimal enjoyment. As such I am disappointed… I tried hard to like this game but I just can’t and it makes me sad because I truly do love the Final Fantasy series… I’m sorry if I’m tearing down this game in such as fashion but I do have my honesty and honor to say right by you. Goes without saying that this game is not Hatter approved. If you love the series… save yourself and the memory and do not get this game.

On a lighter note the contest is still ongoing in fact I feel inclined to let it go another week for goodeasure. So those who have not voted either on the page or on the youtube video itself I would really appreciate it. Honestly after this post… I could honestly use a pick me up so bring in your friends, fam, etc… and have em vote maybe even support some of your favorites. Link is below. I need to wash this game out of my head… It was an attempt of a handheld MMORPG with streetpass implication I can’t get myself to like….. BLEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Hatter OUT!

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  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t your cup of tea. I have played about 15 hours and am really enjoying this FF spin-off. It’s not for everyone however, as it is more of a Monster Hunter clone rather than a traditional FF title. The main appeal is salvaging materials to improve your gear rather than partake in a deep story.


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