Digimonstory Cybersleuth (PS4 & PS Vita)

Well hello my darlings Latina Hatter here(contemplating a name change… not to the blog…to me) and I’ve been all over Digimon Story CyberSleuth! I can hear my childhood calling…. Anyways I’m really pumped about this review now let’s get started!!

Storyline: You are in a setting that original looks like something that is a combination of the movie Summer Wars with the layout of the program Eden where you can essentially almost live online (You don’t actually do that but that’s what the NPCs tell you while scoping out the place). You are just in some random chat room with a bunch of people talking about hackers and digimon not sure what one really does with the other more than hackers use digimon as tools. Also this game takes from Sword Art Online with the immersion that is supposed to take place as your character logs into Eden along with the coma victims suffering Eden Syndrome. You due to a number of different events get picked up by a chick that almost runs you over and start working together to figure out just what is going on and how your new found abilities can help everyone… including yourself. What happened to you? Well… to quote River Song? Spoilers.

Character Development: All in all mostly you’re just finding your way through the various parts of Eden and you end up with choices to make and what not like telling Nokia if she stinks or not. Mostly everything is building up your relationship with digimon and stopping other digimon from making trouble. Like a Frigimon cranking up the AC. I have not seen too much character development as of yet but all in all it is heartwarming.

Graphics: The graphics are sharp, clean, and strongly… lined? When first moving around and such I noticed everything was lined in bright pink in the digital realm… After a while it changed to a dark blue to go with the hue of everything else. Also making the transition from online to ‘real world’ is nearly seamless.

Learning Curve: Mostly learning about this game does not just lie in the battle system its knowing how to get the views because camera control is nonexistent, utilizing the digifarm, digivolving, de-digivolving, yellow terminals (hit up EDEN and Digilab), blue terminals (EDEN only while real world/ digilab while in EDEN), old style phone (digilab only), digimirror dungeons, and the coliseum function. Now one thing I also want to point out is this game is also available for the Vita as well as the PS4 however the Vita is download only but the kicker is you can cross domain save. You can take your game on the go then scoot it as needed but heres the thing if you do want to utilize this feature you have to buy two different versions… I preordered mine for the PS4 and have been happy to play it there but my husband I’ll admit bought into it although I’ll admit I can’t blame him. He takes it out on the boat or whenever I’m not about to get off of the consoles set up we have. Moving on.

Battle System: The battle system was simple to pick up and the games options allow you to change difficulty throughout the game however, honestly I don’t really see the need to especially since the game is a lot of grind regardless. So the mini cases are fun and I like running around Japan helping people out. So it’s a bit of exploration and also due to circumstances (that I won’t spoil) you can use some of your hacker skills out in the real world. The most prominent are the scan and also the connection jump enabling you to interact with different objects like a hidden computer in a wall or jumping into say a nurse’s station computer or a game developer’s cellphone. Other people can show up in the internet but its …not as close up and personal as your character.

Playtime/Replayability: You have New Game + available. I shall admit I have not arrived at that point yet but I feel like with the grind, the possibility of every kind of digimon you can pick up, various cases and on top of that the coliseum set up (In which my husband with a lone Palmon almost accidentally went up against a Shadow Garurumon and two other big bad Champion level Digimon). I honestly see this game keeping me busy for a good while.

Now to wrap this up I do have a couple of gripes about this game. Although I feel like I sort of can’t begrudge them for these mishaps (save the lack of camera control) since they happen to be translations. Goburimon shows up as Goblimon sure I kinda get that, Boom Bubble shows up as Air Shot, Bubble Blast is just…Bubble, however the one that bothers me is Fox fire… I look at Garurumon and find him with that instead of HOWLING BLASTER? When did Garurumon ever look like SHIPPO (or Shippou if you like that spelling) from Inuyasha?? He’s a wolf with stripes and in no way looks like a FOX….Now that I have that out of the way…. I love the game however I feel like people that preordered were jipped from the set-up of the cross domain and should have been offered free download for the cross domain save function. I can understand why they would not do it…. People giving them away or selling them but honestly I could see 90% keeping their downloads for themselves since most gamers have more than one system and or an accompanying handheld. Of course you already know I’m guilty of that. So all in all if they make the codes exclusive to one PSN user per code then they should not have any issues. Also the Gamestop version is supposed to have a DLC to give Agumon some cute outfits. I would tell you about those but my husband misplaced the paper…. Anyways this game is Hatter approved my dears happy gaming and this hatter is out!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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      1. I presume you mean Moco Moco Friends? Hope you enjoy it. The game doesn’t have the depth of other “Pokemon” games, but it certainly is cute. If the excessive grinding of Digimon has you burnt out you should appreciate how easy the title is.

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  1. I like the Kirby games for similar reasons. Adorable graphics and the easy gameplay makes playing through the levels a relaxing experience.

    Good luck tackling that boss. If you decide to review Moco Moco that would be cool.


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