Yo-Kai Watch Watch 3DS??? yes! sorta

Alright my darlings for this review I am covering the Yo-Kai Watch…Watch. A toy I was told about at my favorite Gamestop and ordered. I waited months for it to come in with the assurance that it would up my game in Yo-Kai watch on the DS. When I finally got the call I dragged my husband and our good friend to come with us so I could pick it up. I marveled at how big it was now let’s go on to what else I found out!

Storyline: Upon getting into our car I freed my watch from its wrapping and after that opened up the watch to the most DEFEANING sound I had ever heard. Initially hoping not to have to mess with the watch prior to using it with the game. I was correct. After a while I figured out the medals were to work with the app game available which was a bit lackluster. The graphics were decent but the games were a bit annoying and unless one sat there for hours trying to get cacao seeds just to get stickers…okay it was not really worth it. However after looking at the medals and running to the post office in game I remembered the QR codes on the back of each medal. The redeeming quality of getting these medals and this watch for the use of gaining perks from the DS game. However, if you really need to get something from the crank-a-kai simply gather up play coins and use those. They are not really worth purchasing unless one has a collector thing going. After doing some research on amazon there is no shortage of merchandise for this series. Which I would assume contain codes since from what I read they are on the back of medals and on certain toys. (There was no code on the back of my Yo-kai Watch Watch). Now a word of caution for those who are not deaf and have kids that clamor for this toy. I advise one of two things the first is DO NOT buy this toy!!! It’s noisy and lacks a proper volume control. If you must buy some medals on amazon but for the sake of your state of mind DO NOT BUY THIS TOY!! Secondly let’s say one absolutely had to buy this toy do yourself a favor and GUT IT OUT. For all the same reasons as previously mentioned. Well all in all those are my findings for the Yo-Kai Watch Watch and this review will also be put up on Youtube my darlings and now this Hatter is OUT!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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