Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (3DS) vs Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call (3DS)

Alright my darlings with this review I will have finished my preparation for celebrating something near and dear to my heart. What you say dears? Well Rhythm Games for the DS of course! Although I’ll get to that more in my very first VLOG entry! My channel is to be named The Hatter Gazette and I will start doing entries with very own voice…and an avi. Moving on Final Fantasy was one of my very first games for the Playstation as a little one and how it warmed my heart when they started coming out with Rhythm games for it! So now here comes my review! Let’s get started in the vs of the new versus the old rhythm games for this title!

Storyline: In both games you are fighting off Chaos trying to tear up the world and must gather Rhythmia to even the odds between the deities Cosmos and Chaos that also show up in Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Graphics: The graphics between the games don’t really differ at all however with the usage of the sprites and everything put together in both games it seems like more effort was put into everything but the character sprites. Although somewhat cute I found myself tired of looking at them especially in Curtain Call when you had to earn the event scores which initially made me a bit…. Okay cutting the crap I FLIPPED BALLS! I thought they might have taken out the best part of the game at first however after my initial freak out I figured out they had to have had you EARN the event music scores.

System/Learning Curve: Between the two games I like that Curtain Call includes more music however it makes you earn the better parts of the game and or buy them. Sure I don’t mind earning stuff fine but having to guess until I get Walts to the Moon made my blood boil. It’s my favorite song from Final Fantasy VII and one that took my breath in the way in the original version.  I also preferred the way the field music score was run in the original without the ball in the way of the score such as it did in Curtain Call. It was just in the way and I could barely see the edges of the circle I was trying to move due to a glowing mass of annoyance.  However I do give Curtain Call some credit with new songs, new modes, and easier character unlock in this version. Along with the possibility of getting more characters and songs including some from different games such as Chrono Trigger and Bravely Default. This I’ll admit I’m even eager to spend on a bit while waiting for Bravely Second: End Layer which according to Amazon is available for Pre-Order to get out on the 30th of December of 2016 sooo…. About eleven months to go? Anyways I digress and already have that baby on pre-order!

Replayability: These game has a ton of songs and different modes and the fact that the second breaks up the scores more than the original I suppose helps release the gamer from feeling like a bathroom break could risk a terrible record between scores well unless you are on a Quest on curtain call (certain quests require tickets). I’ll admit there were times my husband almost found himself on the other side of the house because he interrupted me. Again, moving on.

DLC Content for Original

DLC Content for Curtain Call and other info

The links above are for the Final Fantasy Wikia and I give them their due credit because they do marvelous work by Final Fantasy.

In conclusion both games are very good for Final Fantasy first delving into Rhythm games however, from the first into the second still have some flaws to work out.  I am aware of Final Fantasy Theatrhthm: Dragon Quest and hopefully find them remedied there. I very much like these games but they fail to keep my attention like other rhythm games. Sometimes I think of lack of story which I find in Rhythm Thief and I also find it lacking proper use of sprites like Hatsune Miku. Honestly even with the good attempt it has nothing on ‘real’ rhythm games even left in the dust by Princess Debut for in my opinion. Sure we have memorable characters from the various games and Final Fantasy fans may get a little mad at me for this but honestly I feel that even they would have to agree that the creators did not put enough of the TLC that they usually put in for their rhythm games be it the sprites or even the research to fine tune them. Hopefully we will see the kind of rhythm game Final Fantasy deserves in the future and I wait with a heart full… and eyes heavy. Well good night my dears happy gaming and this Hatter is… OUT!

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