Fantasy Life (3DS)

Alright my gamers!! I forgot I had this one ready to go and already sent to myself!! So guess how feels a little silly? Yours truly! I picked up this game after a couple of friends started raving about and at first the plain look of everything sort of kept me away at first until I played it and figured out it was more of a ‘simplicity’ if you will. I know it sounds a bit redundant but after getting over myself I decided to give it a try let’s get going then!

Storyline: It’s time to go pick what you’ll do for the rest of your existence!…Until you choose to change it again. You’re a silent character with a butterfly as a sidekick who initially seems oblivious to the current state of the world. She follows you to learn what she needs to and also because the poor thing is a bit scared (when two men threaten to sell you to the highest bidder who would most likely pin you up into a small glass case). You pick your life going throughout the land trying to master it (them- I went through and took on each life then kept switching to work on them throughout the game especially the crafting and gathering life options) and have the world to explore(more if you get the add on but I’m still trying to unlock it). Something I would recommend even if you don’t want to use all of the fighting classes at least take up one and then get all of the crafting and gathering lives at least started otherwise you’re missing out on a lot of materials be it for crash, crafting, etc… Sure you can buy things but they will just be more expensive that way. (12 life classes in all).

Character Development: You’re character is ultimately silent which they play to every so often the growth of the characters is usually more with how you help everyone around you like the leaders of the various areas of Reveria along with the people/deities and/or butterflies of Lunares.

Graphics: The graphics are very cutesy but well met and the usage of the young lady in the west fields plains to change your look is very helpful (even though her companion wonders why she moved to the middle of the plains…) It’s pretty good with the active mode and well-drawn for the cut scenes. I’ll admit the cutesiness kept me away from this game initially but honestly I’m glad I picked it up.

Battle System /Learning Curve: Mana, mana, mana. Everything you do outside of walking, using a crafting table and talking requires mana. It’s a running hack and slash, spell etc… system. Three words for strategy Charge, Hit, and Move. Mostly the game is very grindy however you get experience from doing everything that has to do with the various lives which helps immensely!

Playtime/Replayability: The game has a lot of material including side quests, life mastery quests, main story quests, etc… It also takes a good amount of grinding to get through this game along with all of the available ‘Bliss Bonuses’ (bonuses you get after collecting ❤ points from various activities and milestones. ) such as hair styling, better stuff in shops, pets, the use of mounts , etc… There is a lot to do the only thing that would hamper this would be the repetition of certain tasks (such as killing off 3 coyotes) but having to do so in the role of a Paladin, a hunter, and a mercenary. So that gets a little annoying but all in all I like this game.

Well with that there is not that much to wrap up my dears. It’s a good game where its easy to pick up where you left off with an up kept quest list for the game. The only issue I have right now is that I bought into the DLC expansion and can’t unlock it… I’ve seen people who have mastered all of the life classes and stuck on finding Noelia to gain access to Lunares… Which I am researching further and will update this post when I know more. Until then my gamers good night this Hatter is OUT!!!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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