Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS)

Good morning my gamers so I am finally doing a review on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. I originally stayed clear of because I thought it would be like all the other Mystery Dungeon games. 90% I was correct but it still seems pretty fun now let’s get started!

Character Development/Storyline: Alright initially you do the quiz and see what Pokémon you are matched up with and if you don’t like it you choose one out of the total 20 options then wash rinse and repeat for the partner. I ended up choosing my own after getting Snivy (myself) and Pikachu (Partner) I chose Riolu (me) and Piplup. Now as per usual you end up as a human that was turned into whatever Pokémon you chose. The only twist is you start off as being picked up like a stray pup by Nuzleaf who takes you home with him and watches out for you. He even sends you to school with all the other little Pokémon eventually you meet up with your partner the trouble maker in school (well-meant but reckless) along with the other class stereotypes the bully (Pancham), his lacky (Shelmet), the cheerleader (Deerling), the nerd/bookworm type (Espurr), your partner, you, and of course the staff. So you live on and start up life as a Junior Member of the Expedition Society! After helping out a very accident prone Ampharos with a terrible sense of direction.

Battle System/Learning Curve: Battle system is fairly simple however I am not a fan of how they have changed the controls for changing direction. Honestly I think they were fine as they were and should have been left alone. You are allowed a team of 3 total (including yourself) however for certain missions other Pokémon will ask to come along (if they KO then next time you get to a way point they should come back so don’t fret too much if they warp off (which happens if you don’t have the items to wake them up) unless you need them for a mission of some sort like Raichu wants this item and you have to take him to it. Once he’s KO’ed you can’t push him. Also one thing I found I liked about the new system was the ability to push your allies out of the way because getting stuck in corners used to take forever to get out of. Although I will admit I don’t see any real reason to have the hunger stat in the game. I guess it is to limit the pushing or have some cost to do so. I’m not sure it’s weird being in a fight and suddenly seeing that you’re hungry… Although I am really excited about Mega Evolution being available in this series. (I’ll admit I didn’t get there YET but it’s coming along). Oh and one of your missions requires you to grind like no tomorrow that is put before you way before you are ready (Helping out Axew with a level 50 Salamence) so be sure to take the time to grind for that scenario or just be sure to be ready to empty out your wallet buying reviving seeds, blast seeds, confusion wands, and all that fun stuff. Also there is a mechanic known as alliance to play with which is preset moves put together as you have your allies surround the enemy you’re facing with you. They already had a super move so this is honestly a little lack luster version of that…. Also you get to use Looplets and Emeras which are bracelets you put stones in while in the dungeons (they do a day in class for this and a few other topics/ however Watchog teaches that class v.v) long story short is that they act as in dungeon buffs my favorite at this time is Barrage making it so you can use an attack multiple times in succession. The stones (emeras) disappear when you leave the dungeon (also you need to get to the emeras within the countdown time or it will simply smash into pieces). Moving on.

Graphics: The graphics are what you would expect from the Pokémon and the Mystery Dungeon games which is cute and bright. However, I think the sizes of the Pokémon shown should be more to scale… As in a bunch of them are smaller than they should be Rosalia comes out and her Budew child is almost as big as she is! So I think they should have done a little more with that but it’s still pleasant to look at.

Playtime/Replayability: The story lasts a good amount of time with the need for grinding and such also you find that you are able to also visit a place called Pelipper Island. Where you have the ability to save others in trouble in dungeons, save yourself after you’ve tanked in a dungeon, send out/receive helper Pokémon via street pass, and revisit old dungeons as many times as you like (theres supposed to be a limit but I have not run into that yet….).

I very much like this game however they did do a couple of wonky things to it I will very much admit but so far its fun and feels somewhat like growing up with Pokémon again. I very much want to Hatter approve it but I feel that there is still a lot more that can be done with the Mystery Dungeon series. Although I do love that the scarves in this game have a big more emotional importance since your partner was found wrapped in them as a baby Pokémon. Well good day my lovely gamers this lady is due for some caffeine to make the mercury die down Hatter out!

Evolution Help — Just in case!
Mega Evolution Help!

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