Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX (3DS)

Alright I have my love hate relationship with rhythm games. I love the music and the art but sometimes… They are way too hard and throw you for a loop once in a while. So let’s go run around with Hatsune Miku and her friends shall we?

Storyline: Not really much of a storyline you pick a character to have and to hold til you and the game part. You take care of your partner like you would a pet except they take care of themselves while you are not playing and you give them an allowance. Favorite Song(s) for Story: Aku no Musume and Aku no Meshitsukai. These songs go hand in hand since they are two parts of one story. The story of the mistress and of the servant.

Aku no Musume / Daughter of Evil (sorry its the best I could find)
Aku no Meshitsukai / Servant of Evil

Graphics: The graphics are high quality clean cuteness and transition often. The music videos use all different art throughout the songs. Which is all very well done even if some of the songs are… strange. Favorite Song for ‘Graphics/Art’: Senbonzakura


Learning Curve: The game have two different modes for the songs and the varying difficulties. The first mode is with the stylus and a single color tapping, holding and spinning the stylus on the screen (with increasing difficulties you get more colors and more complex commands). The second is the button mode again simple with 2 buttons then adding on with more difficulties. To replace the ‘spins’ one would normally do with the stylus you spam the shown button for the ‘coin bonus’ or you can just hold it to add to your hold bonus. Other than that the only other function that may require learning is playing the mini games one tetris-esque and the other is ‘go’ (the game with the black and white chips that is NOT chess). Another favorite song is Dorefima Rondo (it honestly just gets stuck in my head).

Dorefima Rondo

Playtime/Replayability: This game exceedingly adorable and bane of the perfectionist… Meaning with all the difficulties, modes, songs, furniture, etc… There is a lot to obtain and or even play through. Hell you can put your partner on a vacation for the tidy amount of 100,000 P (for a week). So go nuts with 6 characters, 110 outfits, 10 types of food to feed said characters, 79 songs, 95+ furniture items, 6 types of rooms including a Penthouse (rent 30,000p per week) 3 difficulties for 2 modes (6 variations per song), and mini games. However, on a side note I do not like that you get charged in game credits to change partners. Now after that let us end this paragraph with a song as well!


There was also a set up within the game to make your own music score and dances. I’ll admit I didn’t delve into that too hard because I am not that great a write for such things. Anyways, overall it’s a very fun and pretty game that properly upholds what pretty much is the dynasty for Hatsune Miku’s Rhythm Empire of games. Miku herself sets the standard for what rhythm games are and how they function even though I will say I have only seen one rhythm game that would even come near her and that character would be Raphael from Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure for 3DS. Sure he doesn’t sing himself but he does take very dynamic steps to push his game farther. By the by both games are highly Hatter Approved! Well now my lovelies I bid you goodnight, leaving you with one last song… I apologize for the video quality but they were the best I could find…


This DJ Hatter is indeed out! Happy gaming my lovelies!


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