Rings and yes I’m being a showoff

Alright ladies and gents I know it has been a while but I need to rattle off some awesomeness like our new wedding bands. After some long story I won’t get in to my husband and I took a long time to get our rings. When we settled in our new home we started looking for places that made custom wedding rings until my husband found one by chance (meaning he ate it in front of a jewelry store going to a ‘midnight release’ for Fallout 4). After someone inside checked to make sure he was alright they talked a little bit and he found out that they had a very talented young lady that designs custom rings. Yesterday we went to finally pick them up. We braved the floods of San Diego to go fetch them! Literally we were in rainwater that went 1/2 way up the doors of our vehicle and saw some poor man scooping water out of his car with a small cup while he’s sitting in water which looked like it was 10 inches from hitting his windows. All and all we made it to Attractive Gems Jewelers (the sign looks like AG Jewelers). They do really lovely work and deals for military. Our rings were based off of two planeswalkers from Magic The Gathering Lilliana and Jace. It took a bit to get a design out of my husband and I didn’t really understand a lot about jewelry design but Miss Edwards took the time to draw it out, explain things, and tweeked it until we had something perfect for me. My ring has a diamond in the centerpiece, and on each side of the woven looking band are 5 lab made stones of amethyst (for deeper color) and dipped the white gold in iridium for that lovely dark look. My husband’s ring we made as a simple band with the runes from throughout his outfit. So if you want a wonderful custom job for anything jewelry and/or command coins I love and fully suggest AG Jewelers. The young lady Ms. Edwards loves doing custom jobs, is nerdy herself, and thusly enjoys those jobs the most! We even had a fun chat about her wanting to make jewelry for Soul Eater. However, sadly she can’t make special stuff unless someone asks for it. So if you do need that special something and you’re close to San Diego, then head over to Horton Plaza mall, run up AG Jewelers (level 2), and tell them that the Hatter sent you (mostly because I want to hear back if someone does go there and loves what they get). Also as a side note they also do a great job cleaning up your jewelry like brand new right in front of you. Also something I like to add going upward from AG Jewelers on level 5 is a nice collection of three stores back to back I like to check out every time I go to that mall Hot Topic, GameStop (The staff is very good), and Comics N Stuff ALL IN A ROW!!! I’m a female that likes the all of the prior listed items and if you’re feeling girly there is a Sanrio on the same floor. Well my lovely little gamers belated Happy New Year’s and happy gaming!! Hatter out!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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