Habitica (computer, IOS, Droid, etc…)

Alright my lovelies I’m getting out of the usual mold a bit by discussing one thing we all love to avoid… Real world stuff something even non-gamers try to avoid like chores and the like. Well I admit my own slacking and that I have found a way to get my ass in gear to do these vexing things. Habitica formerly known as Habit rpg. It’s a handy little site/application where you can put down lists of things you need to do and not do like to do lists, good habits, bad habits, etc… Now first thing I want to mention is that the graphics are not great for the characters and honestly for this they don’t need it. The fact that its turned into a game is the saving grace so if one’s excuse for not using it is just because of the graphics notice that someone who is very much in love with lovely graphics is saying ‘GET THE HELL OVER IT’ and move on. If it simply doesn’t work for you then its fine, moving on.
The setup is broken up as follows Task (habit, daily, to do), Direction/Action (good/bad), tags, Difficulty, repeat every X days/certain days (including streak), extra notes, check lists, rewards (customizable aside from ‘in game equipment’) and even due dates. As you complete tasks you gain experience, currency, and drop items (eggs, food, equipment, etc). Food is used to feed pets to turn them into mounts (or use a saddle) after an egg is used with a hatching potion. There is all kinds of equipment backgrounds and even the option to see your character in a ‘costume’ while using the effects of another outfit so you can make it look any way you like. After level 10 you have the option to (or just opt out until you wish to do this) choose a class and figure out just how you want to work with Habitica and whatever parties you can work with. Working together to try and help one another develop.  Which is what I love about this game. I’ll admit it takes the motivation to start it and keep it up but the results are well worth it I think. I even find myself a lot more productive than before and that would be worth whatever that would weigh in gold. ^.^ Now whenever you play you’ll notice 3 different currencies diamonds, gold, and silver. You initially gain silver and experience and when you get enough silver it automatically changes over to gold (100 silver= 1 gold) and diamonds you may see from drops but if you subscribe you can switch out gold for diamonds in the marketplace (20 gold= 1 diamond). All the currency is used for different things but anything you use diamonds for is usually for the pretty flashy things that usually have no actual impact on your stats. In fact you can buy diamonds but not gold which is needed in the event you want to enforce the custom rewards (you set the values for your custom awards) or buy equipment so work is actually needed. So whatever you put into your Habitica (or as I call it my ‘Habit’) is what you get out of it. Put in a lot, figure out if you assign yourself too little/too much (I assign myself too much), how difficult it is. At the end of the day its upto you how you wake up. Well my darling gamers, good night and this Hatter is O-U-T-!-!-!-!-!-!

Get motivated!

 Link to the video!!

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