Alright so right now I’m going to be going through my state of accessoritis!! So how do I deal with that? I write about it of course! My items are usually fashionable (or at least look good) but must be functional when taken into consideration. Each item description are followed by a link that way incase you want to get whatever tickles your fancy from this entry. May as well know what it looks like! Now let’s get going!

The next item I want to talk about is the USB cord I use for my 3DS XL. This particular brand and build is durable and guaranteed to last. Also for those who have bought the usual supplemental ones from Gamestop and other retailers know the annoyance of the crappy grey chargers or the white replacement chargers with the extras on it that we all know are lack luster. I grant you it gets the job done but it doesn’t last. I swear by this cord wholeheartedly and moving on! Side Note: I am including a link to Amazon for this cord simply so you can see what it looks like and it was the one I used.

Follow me to see what it looks like!

Something else I find absolutely vital to use of a 3DS is a metal telescoping stylus. Hard to break, long lasting, doesn’t collapse easily mid game like plastic ones tend to, and to top it off I’ve never scratched my screen with one. With my last 3DS (pink) I used the stylus that came with it and scratched my screen (Rhythm/dancing game). For my 3DS I won’t use the stylus that comes with the system if I can help it.

Take a look the these~!!

Something that has recently come up that I find that I will never again be without is a multiport USB charger. I usually find them from 4-6 ports and after traveling from Bahrain back to the states with one. I will never leave for more than one day without this device. It powers anything that can hook up to a USB cable meaning you can charge pretty much everything you own at once. Granted it charges via wall instead of being attached to a computer via USB. This I think is perfect for pretty much anywhere save certain countries/airports where they lack American plugs. While returning to the states from Bahrain I picked up a simple 5 port charging unit that helped me more than I could even think of. When I arrived at the airport all the wall outlets were taken however, when I showed someone near an outlet I had multiple ports she switched out her charger for mine and we both were able to charge things along with one other guy. The same thing happened a few other stops on the way home and when I arrived in the states but had to wait for my luggage due to improvising the original flight plan (meaning my husband had to switch airports when he went to retrieve his lovely wife). I was able to use my 3DS the entire time which saved my life while people were sleeping all over and around broken conveyor belts after being herded about like sheep. After a while people were even ready to start a working party just so people could get going (90% of the people involved were active military the remaining being spouses, retired, so-on and so forth). Also came in handy going cross country while plugged into a cigarette lighter charger so long story short if you don’t have this in your travel gear you could be wrong and even works wonders simply sitting on my dresser. Of note a good thing to do is to tie up the cords with a rubber band or zip ties to cut down the chaos (&/or have felines that like to play with anything that happens to dangle). This one you can get anywhere so I will not include a picture with this since there are so many different types and even some that take it a bit farther like docking stations with spaces to set all of your devices while charging.

This next one is not an accessory however, we all know how much I love the 3DS (if its not obvious by now please repeatedly but gently smack yourself in the forehead with the palm of your hand). Now I’m talking about the 3DS XL. I’ve gone through several units one since I started with a smaller one then moved to a larger unit then when I bought my husband a smaller unit… I couldn’t believe I used to play on something so small! I even offered to get him an XL but my darling wanted to keep his unit because I gave it to him ❤ ❤ <3. After a while we both broke down and got Special edition 3DS XLs (his is Zelda Majora’s Mask, and Mine is Persona 3). Am I saying everyone needs Special Editions? No. Am I saying if you play DS or 3DS games you need an XL? Yes you do. In this I am a strong supporter, I also admit to the mindset of not getting yourself or someone else a 2DS… One person I know got it for pricing and I don’t buy the bullshit about the 3D hurting people’s eyes. It’s called a SLIDER PEOPLE. If you’re going to spend money on a console or unit make certain you get the best you can get (functionality: unit, protection, accessories, controllers) and that you know how to properly use the device. If you do not know any of the prior listed information or even something else. ASK SOMEONE. Ask a friend, coworker, GameStop employee, ask me if you want (latinahatter@gmail.com , if you don’t listen to what I tell you I will get angry so fair warning/ and no solicitations of any sort I will immediately spam those), but just ask someone. Now moving onto our last item!

As you may or may not know I love custom things!! While looking for cases I was attempting to find one that could handle my collection of notable size (I’ll admit I sold a few after finishing reviews as gamers do) and cute enough to make me happy for cases I found such cases on Etsy made by a very talented young lady by the name of Derilyn. She makes a variety of things however I would like to focus on her game cases of which she has made two for me. The first was Amaterasu (I just gave her a picture I wanted, asked for a fall backdrop) painted onto Faux Vegan leather with a faux suede lining. I know it’s just a fancy way of saying fake but whatever what is not ‘faux’ is the quality of work she does for these cases. My Amaterasu case has room for 8 games and my 3DS XL the second case I ordered is made of the same material and holds an astonishing 48 games. Meaning it can handle everything I have and still hold more! I must however note the second case only houses games there is no pouch for your 3DS but it will hold those 48 games. I have included a link to her shop on etsy so feel free to check it out and let her know that the hatter sent you!! (Again I do this because I like knowing someone got something they loved and I was able to help!) 7

Miss Derilyn’s shop

Well my lovely gamers old and new thank you for listening to all my craziness for accessories for the DS!! If you did not see it in any of my other posts Happy New Years!! I would tag on a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ at the end of this but…. We all know that those mean jack shit so instead I’ll close out with a Goodnight my lovelies this hatter is OUT!

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      1. I find it a bit hard to stomach that they’re now releasing ‘New 3DS Exclusives’. Like the new xenoblade on 3ds I could really fancy, but no way am I buying a new console for it haha!


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