Rhythm Thief And The Emperor’s Treasure (3DS)

Well hello my gamers today we will be going over a game I just stumbled upon. I was going through amazon as I tend to do from time to time and came upon something and wondering why a game would go from no less than $35.00 all the way to $150 for a game that has been out since 2012! So of course I want to see what all the price hype is about! So let’s groove gamers!

Storyline: You’re a young man living on his own ever since the disappearance of your father who always said “never take things that don’t belong to you.” As evidenced by everything in your dazzling stash of items you obviously did not follow his instructions. You’ve been stealing whatever you think has a connection to the last item you were given, a coin. After that is all said and done you get to go make trouble!

Character Development: The young man is already of exemplary character even as a thief it’s more of the game showing you the young man piece by piece. A boy that loves his dog, a gentleman hero saving a young lady in distress, a young man that loves a challenge, a kid that fears for his father, I could go on… Point is he gets through it usually by dancing …usually.

Graphics: The graphics rely on full scale characters throughout the entirety of the game. No sprites are utilized at all! The game is high definition throughout even when dealing with its 3D implications. I’ll admit I still get dizzy but due to how good it looks I’ll risk a minor headache on it.

Battle System/ Learning Curve: This game is one of the most frustrating yet gratifying games I have ever played!!! I find myself making sounds to keep the Rhythm and hit with my stylus just right and even further just to make sure I don’t get any Harshes (Misses). However, its not just the stylus that is in use, buttons during fisticuffs with Chevalier Diabolique (I feel like I sound so chic writing that), swiping side to side in time with queues for a violin, shifting the entire unit for a dog contest! This game pushes just what you can do with your system from graphics to controls and even with using the same controls they find a way to change the orientation such as tapping in the kitchen challenge versus tapping while avoiding falling into the water in underground catacombs. Also during your journey to further your escapade you pick up an instrument that needs to be filled up with sounds! While finding these sounds you find a few that get you through the game like the sound of a dog barking to fend off a Cyanophobic constable or using the snore of a sleeping guard to get through a voice recognition check point in a museum. Alonzy! Moving on!

Playtime/Replayability: This game inspires perfection thusly making one feel inclined to play stages over and over until they attain a run through without any mistakes (harsh). So I know I’ve put in a fair amount of time into this game however with that and the ever changes styles of game play I would give caution. This game at times requires that you simply walk away…. That’s right just walk away especially if you already rage quit on occasion this game tests your nerves enough that even someone that fancies themselves ‘level headed’ may find themselves in need of a new 3DS unit. Now let’s wrap this up!

All in all this is a very good game its diversity with graphics ahead of its time. Though frustrating this game is sure to bring a smile to your face. Possibly a well-placed scowl here and there due to increasing difficulty of the game as mentioned previously this is a game you have to once in a while walk away from. After that bit of rage this game is very much Hatter approved!…Though I’m glad to boast not paying 150 American dollars for this game! Nothing wrong with buying used! Hatter out!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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