Stella Glow (3DS)

Ever remember a game where you just wanted to turn the volume up just because you loved the music sometimes and others you wanted to hide under a desk? Well Stella Glow is one of those games. It’s a game I recently acquired and very much enjoy. Although before I get to the review I want to put out something that has been sticking out to me as of late, free stuff. Most people love it and 9 times out of 10 I do too however lately I’ve been seeing it come with a lot of games and honestly most of it is just junk. Granted after playing Stella Glow I find that I ‘may’ (if I remember) sync it to my iTunes so I can listen to it on the go I’ll agree with the notion of that and having it as a cd but the fabric poster, the keychain of Bubu the pig, and whatever else… I feel like the game sincerely and honestly doesn’t need it. If you love Bubu the pig then fine I’m sure that’s great however Gamers though we love free stuff if it only comes as the set up with free stuff it feels like the creators are compensating for something. If you want to pack free stuff onto a game… Well I’ll give you one big one after this review now let’s get going!

Storyline: At first you start off as Alto a young man that wound up in Mithra Village with no memory of anything at all… Sounds familiar right? Well they use that with at least two people in this game so along with every time you’ve heard of someone with amnesia EVER there is hope and it does get better. After spending 3 years with your foster family in that sweet village of Mithra you meet a strange girl singing in the forest… She finds you odd and warns you to be gone from the village and gives you no explanation what so ever. You find her lovely and captivated by her singing until your foster sister Lisette enlightens you. Only witches can sing in this world since the gift of song was taken from man for turning from god. All said and done catastrophe falls upon Mithra and while only you and Lisette survive due to a strange phenomenon that occurs between the two of you, and yes the meaning was correct because the event was very important emotionally to them and functionally to the story. So after all that and being taken to the capital they are assignment from the Queen to gather three more witches to reverse the effects of that first witch’s song.
Character Development: You’re a young man that starts off with his family and is reliable to be certain but makes subtle changes in his behavior. He becomes steadfast but still finds time to spend with his comrades and other things. Luckily he is still able to keep what could be assessed as ‘his personality’ when it comes to dealing with the world and the witches. This makes it easy for the witches to rely on and trust him. While they travel with vastly diverse personalities your role stays the same confidant, slayer of doubt, slayer of bad dreams, big brother, nurse, coach, etc… Anyways it’s a steady flow even with a story that moves so fast.

Battle System \Learning Curve: The battle system supports a max of six characters for your team unless there is a special scenario in place with the story such as the bringing in of a new witch (and whoever she has with her). The system is straightforward with each character having his/her own weaknesses and strengths with elements in play and affinity with weapons. My favorite example and at this time my favorite witch Popo is the wind witch and a fine archery… lady. She is skilled with firing and dodging enemy arrow fire, is able to fly (more of a hover), and her songs increase movement for and restrain movement for enemies. Each character’s weapons allows for orb slots which imbues the weapon with certain qualities. Say if I gave Popo a fire orb to make her arrows fiery which could help or hurt during battle with the uses of weaknesses and resistances in the grand scheme of the elemental system. Luckily during battle you are shown what effect your attacks may have and what tolerance your enemy has to what you are using (weak/resist). What I love is hearing the characters (especially Popo) saying they are exploiting a weakness “Popo found your weak spot!” It’s an easy battle system even when diving into the heart of a witch to tune it. This includes usually finding her and or fighting her inner demons. So most of it is just how you like playing mostly and who you favor in a fight.
Graphics: The graphics are very….adorable! Oddly enough not sickeningly so… Sure there are rainbows but I don’t feel like I came down with diabetes with the adorableness of the girls. It’s a very rounded graphic style used for the sprites in battle without diminishing the quality and during conversation the characters are well drawn in a style I like to refer to as very bright and whimsical without being rainbow farting unicorns even with the villains having their own myriad. A good example would be Dorothy seems like what you expect Chuckie’s deranged daughter to look like in human form with a thing for deranged looking bunny minions. All in all I enjoy it….and turning on the 3D which I can’t max however I’ll admit I usually do it so my husband can stop looking over my shoulder. Mwahahahhahahahaaaa!!!!!!!!! AHEM!

Playtime/Replayability: The game does have a mode where you can start over. However I am not certain if you can keep everything or if it is like Magna Heaven where you keep a limited supply of your things and only a couple people retain their stats. This I hope to find out soon and will amend this posting when I do. This is a game I would honestly replay to bond with the characters, take up the task posted at the bar (they end up having stories too sometimes), etc…

Honestly in its entirety I enjoy this game. While lately I’ve bought a lot of games to add to my repertoire I will honestly say I do not regret buying this game. It is totally HATTER APPROVED! Now onto a something I don’t love. Anything written below this is NOT about Stella Glow.

There are always a couple of games that are just duds. You just can’t get into them or you just like other types of games. Usually I would chalk up not liking a game due to something like that however; I have never ever HATED a game like I do Rodea The Sky Soldier!  This game looked cool so I picked it up and tried it out. I’m not generally great at flying games although fighting usually helps but when I just figure out flight barely…. I find out what the main weapon is…. YOUR BODY. Yes you read that right YOUR BODY. You toss yourself at your enemies while trying to watch out for armor and energy output. Your energy is limited, armor limited, both hard to replenish. The graphics are shoddy while the story seemed like it could have been a good game with flying and maybe throw on a couple of rockets on him would have been a good game. Rodea The Sky Soldier (3DS) pissed me off so bad I gave the game to my husband with no intention of ever picking it up again… without even finishing that clusterfuck of a tutorial. He tried it and even after getting farther than me due to whatever determination also agreed the game was terrible. It is a lot of wasted potential so if you even think about getting this game…. Do me a favor and smack yourself. Especially after reading this review and my pretty much taking the hit for you on this one.
All in all that’s it for a day for this hatter. So happy gaming my little mercury powered dolls! This Hatter is OUT!

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