Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (3DS) VS Princess Debut (DS)

Alright it’s been a little while since I’ve done a versus review. This review is based off of two games I genuinely love while a song keeps skipping through my head “She’s walkin’ she dancin’ she’s pra-pra-pra prancin’!” These titles are both available on the 3DS and for each girl you can assign your own name. Now let’s get on with it!

Princess Debut (DS) Storyline: If you love princesses, princess, pretty bright things then look no further. Princess Debut features a Japanese School girl that’s trades her life with a Princess is because the version of her from that world cannot dance. Luckily if you have already seen that sequence you can skip the intro and fast forward all of this. Now your mission should you choose to accept it is to find a partner for the big dance at the end of the game and perform beautifully! After that you can choose to either stay in that land or return home. You have several Princes to choose from and can strengthen your bond with each of them along with your dance instructor as a backup if you do not have a partner.

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (3DS) Storyline: You’re name is Gabrielle’s you’re a sweet girl that likes wearing black with big eyes and a really big sneeze! ACHOO! A sneeze so big it caused an out of body experience and made her a ghost and thusly being a ghost she found out she could speak with her feline companion, Lola. So now that she’s a ghost she has to collect screams after befriending various spooky dance partners to survive until the witch Crystal can figure out how to get the young girl back into her body.

Princess Debut (DS) Character Development: You dance, you twirl, you choose what kind of girl you want to be while gaining the affection of all those princes! (This resets every replay along with what songs you have access to and your character’s dancing experience). It’s a dancing dating sim after all.

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (3DS) Character Development: You’re dance partners are freaky yet misunderstood. Even with that Gabrielle befriends them simply by listening and being herself. You just listen through the story but its adorable and there’s more groove than fluff.

Princess Debut (DS) Graphics: The graphics from princess debut during dancing are alright however they are very rigid but one must remember this game is still with the DS in its infancy and still does well against this 3DS game even if Princess Debut is simply just DS. The biggest drawback I see from this game is that with the moves being on the bottom you don’t get to see the dancing as much even with the queues on the side showing what the next move is. The conversation block pictures are very soft looking in the typical anime style along with the screen shots of funny situations are adorable.

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (3DS) Graphics: The graphics are simple but well done. They are exactly as they were meant to be. From the bats to hair and outfits its eye catching and gentle for a little Goth esque girl.

Princess Debut (DS) Learning Curve: Easy to pick up with the instruction of a rabbit certain dances throw you for a loop at first but after two times its easier to pick it up. The only thing was if you started a new dance even if you did a replay you have to go to the competition hall to gain experience for a dance that your character thinks it is performing for the first time which simply means you won’t get the bonding points with whoever your partner is but you have soooo many chances for that. Aside from that for the dating sim part its just knowing the boys and unlocking each other their endings. While preventing the need to play through each Prince twice. Save before the Ball in Saint Lyon. Perform. Choose one option at the end and then go back to your save and choose the other option.

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (3DS) Learning Curve: It’s easy to pick up learning new techniques from each of your spooky pals. You also have a few things. You also have a couple of mini games. One of which is mando to get through some part in the game. Which is somewhat difficult but …doable.

Princess Debut (DS) Playtime/ Replayability: I loved playing through each dance, each prince, each story/event, etc… I don’t know how much time I spent on this game. I also liked collecting the different accessories which game you different outfits to dance in. Sure the ballroom graphics need a lot of polish but I still love this game immensely. Though please keep in mind this game was from the infancy of the 3DS during 2008. Some of the princes were a challenge to get and sometimes it required trying to switch partners part way through the game.

Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove (3DS) Playtime/ Replayability: I love getting all the outfits and the story is one I never get tired of. I could play this over and over. Sure they have the mini games and the adorable fortune telling game, badge collection, outfits, and customizing your look.

When all is said and done I love both of these games making them Hatter approved. However, each has of course strengths and weakness. Where Princess Debut allows for more changes and different versions of the story Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove works more towards a streamlined look and having a lot of different options of things to do. All in all for gamer reviews even with the time difference and graphics quality these are both lovable games. I would choose one but you know this thing I have with being honest. And I can’t pick one between the two, so I would gladly love some feedback and discussion on the topic! Until then my mercury loving darlings this Hatter is undoubtedly out!

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