Code of Princess (3DS)

So this is a game I have not picked up in a while but it’s alright. I suppose. Let me run through this for you. The reason I even picked up this game is because a friend told me how ‘awesome’ it was. Now let’s get started!

Storyline: You start off as Princess Solange. The daughter of a kingdom being taken over! You run off with the blade entrusted to your family. You team up with three misfits Ali, Allegro, and Zozo (with her mini skeleton brigade). It is your duty to keep the blade safe, save the kingdom and regain her family’s rightful place.

Graphics: The graphics for this game are decent in the way the characters and creatures are made. The effects for energy based skills and power ups adds some flash to the game. The game boasts being able to play 50 characters you can utilize however. I think the place that took the hit although they do manage to make the movement of smaller pieces of each character to make it somewhat lifelike with the game style likened to a fighting game restricted to one lane (add two more and I would add an example but I wouldn’t want to relate other games to this one…) with the added bonus of equipment changing. However… there are two things that stand out very prominently in this game… the Princesses’ breasts and the scantily clad state that she parades them around in.

Playtime/Replayability: The game offers a lot in way of play modes. Skills are able to be amplified with experience levels gained and you need to grind… A LOT to get past certain parts. However, after a while the grinding can become all very hum drum… So while it does have a lot. Does it grab interest more than just boob’s ahoy?

Character Development: None.

Battle System: Side view of battle field with three available lanes with hack and slash.

Learning Curve: It’s simply a hack and slash button smash. I’m pretty sure a gamer’s baby could pound on the keys and figure it out.

All in all it’s easy to say I’m not impressed. It boasts jiggles with hack and slash with decent graphics. I was a bit… underwhelmed by this game. If you like jiggly boobs more power to you. But I just got annoyed with the redundant gameplay and the grind. Sure I know grind is life….yeah no. I don’t love this game. Not Hatter Approved. Game on my mercury lined dolls. Game on.

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