Yo-Kai Watch (3DS)

Alright my lovely gamers I’m writing about a newly released game that boasts a hot new accessory to go with it! I’m talking about Yo-Kai Watch with an actual Yo-Kai Watch! It is a lovingly adorable game even though most of its inhabitants represent the worst habits of mankind like eating too much, forgetting things, household squabbles, etc. The game also boasts a Yo-Kai camera so you can find Yo-Kai inspiriting (influencing) you, your friends, random people (please ask their permission first, its probably really creepy to get up in someone’s face for a picture and says you’re looking for demons) , and even family with just a well done picture of their face. So before you run out and grab this game thinking you might be able to figure out what stick is up Daddy’s ass or why Mommy made him sleep on the couch let’s talk a little about the game first shall we?

Storyline/Character Development: You are a young girl/boy (the game gives you the option) enjoying the longest summer vacation ever (we know these kids are never going back to school) and working on a project, bug collecting! While doing so you pass a local shrine and come up to a tree that looks like its big enough for Inuyasha to be stuck to but instead find an ancient looking pod machine like you would find outside of a grocery store or something. It speaks and you find yourself giving it money and are surprised by your very own Yo-Kai butler and his name is Whisper! He looks like a cliché ghost and speaks so matter-a-factly about the existence of Yo-Kai and even about how boring he finds your life! What a butler right? So he essentially tells you that you should make friends with Yo-Kai pretty much endangering your life just because he thinks you’re boring.  However, after the clusterfuck and coming down from being confused you actually notice that you end up having a mission of sorts. Save the world that you share with your friends human and Yo-Kai alike. For having such a limited range of where a young girl/boy can change in a summer vacation (even a long one) the game does a good job of poking fun while encouraging growth and proper cross walk procedures. The only reason I noticed that was every time you crossed a street with a signal and chose not to use it your butler would be cross with you or your character would slightly freak (! Over hero’s/heroine’s head). Well enough about that for the moment onto the next subject!

Graphics: The graphics, style and even the notion of collecting so many beasts is reminiscent of Dragon’s Quest. I even walked by a game cover of one of their earlier games and found the hair style for the male and female for Dragon Quest was pretty much identical to the male and female in Yo-Kai Watch!

Battle System: The battle system takes a bit out of your hands but adds to the experience by giving you ‘roles’ and a wheel that can contain upto six Yo-kai. In these battles you give food to allies to heal them, give food to enemies to befriend them (first treat automatically goes to the Yo-Kai in the middle if that Yo-Kai is gone unless there is only one Yo-Kai enemy its anyone’s guess where it goes), Soultimate (strong ability : Attack, Buff, Heal), target (good for weak spots,  purify (inspirited Yo-Kai don’t work well, and switch teams on the fly (restricted to what is preset on the wheel which can be changed between battles but to switch out from the book to your main 6 you need an Eyepo or the book used in your character’s bedroom). For two functions you are required to play mini games to complete them Purification and Soultimate. Which are crazily easy even with drawing involved the game gives you a grand amount of leeway.

Learning Curve: Usually I put battle system and learning curve together but this time not so much.  Although it is a very new way of doing things the hardest thing to learn has to do with my own weakness in terms of sense of direction. I’ll admit it I’m terrible with finding my way in new places, kind of similar to how my husband needs to set a GPS marker when he goes to work due to going to the ship because of the amount of cars. Anyways let me explain, When it comes to sub quests you cannot set custom markers or assign the game to show markers for those quests, you just check the map shown when you look up the quest and even that is a bit sad. So sad that I broke down and bought the guide.. Which of course as an added bonus shows where I can find things like treasure boxes that in this game regularly replenish! Anyways other than that and a long grinding process it’s an easy to learn game.

Playtime/Replayability: The game has lots of sub quests noted at favors and requests that you find throughout town usually requiring certain items, defeating troublesome Yo-Kai, bringing Yo-kai with special talents to fix problems, helping out the Yo-Kai police gentleman, etc. Even though this game did not ultimately take a long time to beat there is more game to play. Especially when one notices even before beating the game that it does not allow for you to fully upgrade your Yo-Kai Watch to S Ranking. So onto the epilogue promising another adventure to save both worlds. AGAIN!

All in all this is a very cute game and is well tailored for its purpose and intended audience even if it is initially a toss about for the storyline section. I very much like it and cannot wait until to Yo-Kai Watch  Watch comes out. Oh and as a side note this game actually has a show on Disney XD. I have attached the link to the first full episode which makes one go through a crazy myriad of emotions from confusion, utter shock, sadness, supreme anger (Amy), and a few others. The good thing is that the series itself starts to eventually make sense as it goes on even if the events don’t correlate with the game word for word (probably because certain things would take too long for a show like your quest to grab up more Yo-Kai before defeating your first boss). However, one thing that I don’t understand in the slightest is… the beginning theme song… If you want to be confused go right ahead but I myself am fast forwarding that in the future and on that note I also want to say the ending song though it is more consistent is still somewhat confused by implementing 3D style graphics (poor quality especially compared to the game). I so far like the series simply because I find such things adorable and again thoroughly enjoy the game. If you want to check out the series I have included that below.


Well now my lovely gamers happy gaming and enjoy a happy thanksgiving!

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