The Witcher III: Wild Hunt (PS4)

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that can only mean one thing!!! There will indeed be an increase of people seen lying on the floor be it from going comatose due to eating crazy amounts of turkey and stuffing or people in upset over sports teams. Something I still don’t necessarily get… and let’s face it that is in no way a tragedy. Now for the reason you’re really reading this post The Witcher III The Wild Hunt. One of the many games I got over my time on leave. Now let’s get started!

Graphics: I found the graphics were very detailed although the white balance at the beginning was rather odd. The only weirdness I saw with the graphics was that Geralt’s hair seemed a little inconsistent this hair in certain views has patches play-doh. Maybe it was just me but I’d like to think my attention to detail counts from something in that regard.

Storyline: For someone who is new to the series I was vastly impressed with the storyline when the game itself is prided as a hack and slash. There are toss ups with at least three different females (not all as love interests). You’re looking for one female after another however in this series each with their own story to tell. Ciri is a good example she was a young girl taken under the wing of Geralt and taught the ways of the Witcher a young lady spoiled by all after getting out of the life of a princess of all things! Honestly with royal families typically seeking to extend their land and connections through marriage (which usually just means marrying off one’s daughter to the highest bidder) I don’t blame the girl.

Playtime/Replayability: Thus far there are five different difficulties for this game, dozens of subquests, upcoming expansions for this title promising at least 10 hours of game play and a good lengthy story. Not much else to say on this particular topic.

Learning Curve/Battle System:  Learning the different aspects of the game is very easy from which swords to use on what (the game usually automatically draws for you), Witcher sense switching to parry which only makes sense, utilization of potions, etc… Very easy however I do have an issue with two aspects of this game. The use of the items on the lower section of the L1 menu like the crossbow, maybe I’m derping maybe… but usually it’s a pain in the backside to get the thing to fire even though I can ring “Princess’ ” bell all day. The crossbow gives me headache because it’s hard to use the thing.

All in all I love the game however for a lot of great thing there are usually a couple of glaring issues.  This game even though I love it has one of those glaring issues which I found.  There are certain times in the game you lose all control of Geralt. He’s running every which way and doesn’t stop until I go to the playstation menu or something of the like. At first I just thought it was my controller like people tend to until I started playing something else simply due to the sheer amount of frustration… My hypothesis is that in order to make the game playable with an Xbox controller they royally messed up the adaptability for the controllers native the the PS4. Well all in all should be an easy fix for the creators and hoping it is in a very speedy fashion because that’s the only thing stopping this game from being 100% Hatter APPROVED! Well happy gaming this Hatter is OUT!

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