The Eight Characteristics of Comics

Alright as promised this is my post for The Eight Characteristics of Comics!!! I tried to do a review for Gunnerkrigg Court (which I redid recently) and failed utterly at first. Not being satisfied with that I decided to use the way I did reviews for games and attempt something similar. Now I’m proud to say I feel proud of the second product! Now let’s get started!

Genre: I try my best to sum up what kind of comic it is. That’s pretty much it.

Character Dimension: What kind of characters are we dealing with flat characters, multi facet/focus?, developing?, etc… I like seeing if the characters are simple or if they have more to offer hopes, dreams, family, past, present, the list goes on.

Character Development: This goes hand and hand with Character Dimension by those traits does the character have a place to go. Does Johnny ever learn to be around people, does Leanne learn what love is or is the character simply Hungry Frank, Sad Sally, or do they have things to learn?

Background/Setting: What kind of world are they living in? What kind of rules are there? The land is at peace, the ocean is alight at night with bombs and murder. What time is it medieval, future, is it even on planet Earth?

Art:  Is it something very cute? Is it anime style? Is it something confused? Lovecraft inspired? Do they improve over time?

Storyline: Thus far what is going on I won’t spoil what happens but how close can I get to showing what is the main struggle or where the focus lies.

Tone: Again another that tag teams with Storyline. Is the story generally upbeat? Depressing? Tense? Derp? (yes I meant to use that word).

Status: Simply put is this story still being worked on. Complete. Incomplete. Standstill (artist/team stopped for reasons I may or may not know of.)

These are my eight characteristics. While going through this myself I already know this is going to change over time but mostly does give me a good guideline about what I want to focus on with these reviews. I claim no credit for the comics featured. I may draw however its not as well as these artists I feature. With that said a lot of these artists I notice take donations so for those who notice I do actually review their work I will never write a bad review for a web comic. I don’t want to harsh anyone’s donations by doing so I simply want to share the joy I feel while reading these comics. Well now I have some gaming to do so I can write up some more reviews! Happy nerding this Hatter is indeed OUT!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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