Gunnerkrigg Court (Properly)

Alright so the last review for Gunnerkrigg Court I will admit…. Was clusterfucky…. So I’m going to redo it and attempt to use a similar style as I would with my game reviews and also follow up with another post of The 8 Characteristics of Comics. Something I thought up after my little Faux Pas and really helped me put together the information I needed and in a much better fashion so let’s get started!

Genre: Supernatural/Technology Driven …Something (give me a break if you have a better idea what to call it I’m all ears)

Character Dimensionality: The characters of Gunnerkrigg Court have many focuses and facets to their personality which are well integrated with an ample amount of past and present well blended together. For instance the heroine of this story Antimony Carver better known as Annie is presently dealing with the demanding world of the court while having recently picked up the ways of the forest and the domain of the mighty yet child like Coyote and the steadfast Ysengrin ( I love both of these characters as well) after dealing with a heavy past of losing one parent to death and the other to duty (not spoiling). Through and through Annie proves to be a very resilient young lady. Something I also very much like in this story is the focus on multiple characters including Antimony’s two best friends Kat and Reynardine. Kat constantly falls in love with very tricky individuals and finds herself more skilled with machines than romancing landing herself a very beloved person to the technologically inclined (robots) however, makes fast friends with Annie as their mother’s were before them. Reynardine better known as Renard is a demon forced to live as a small stuffed animal after magic gone awry is what I would like to refer to as the best example of character development I have ever seen moving from trickster, to angry subservient, eventually coming to a place as friend and protector making him my favorite character of this comic.

Artwork: The artwork starts off as simply charming at first and becomes brilliantly charming with  the skill of the artist of course improving over time setting the tone for a very deep and vivid environment while including some very tribal style artwork with the appearance of Coyote.

Storyline/Tone: The story is a serious one however it houses a very playful tone. The life of a teenage girl with all the ups and downs included with the exception of being supernaturally gifted she deals with a lot of struggles that kids today have classes, fitting in, disapproving parents, etc…

Status: This story is currently ongoing and to my knowledge updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Overalll this is a very endearing and interesting read with two comics that accompany it to cover Annie’s time among the forest folk aptly and well named ‘Annie in the Forest’. I highly recommend this comic for those seeking some very dynamic reading with multiple focuses and characters that jab me in the face through my laptop screen! Hope this review does this comic’s justice and let me know what you think the link to start this comic is thusly shown below!

Happy reading, gaming and this Hatter is OUT!

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