Gunnerkrigg Court

Well I said I would eventually get to comic reviews so here it is! I was originally going to try to get ahold of the creator but that was harder than I realized. So now I’ll just hope I do right with my review of this work of art, on a side note I’ve been scrambled about 5 different games lately and stuck in Yo-Kai Watch because I’m trying to find a fox…. but I’ll try to figure that out soon! Now let’s get started!

Gunnerkrigg Court has been a comic that I’ve been reading for about half a year now and I’m absolutely over the moon with it! (I like it a lot). It starts off with a young lady going to a boarding school after the death of one parent and the dispatch of the other. She makes friends and attempts to be a savior of nearly anything and everything she can at first. After a while it goes more into the workings of the backgrounds and the system in which she is being raised ‘The Court’. It is a highly regulated and monitored environment which still has supernaturally gifted individual however without direct support from the court these individuals are often…. held back. This is where our leading lady Antimony Carver comes in as the story progresses the trend shows as the artist becomes more skilled (as artists often do) the main character’s (friends included of course) strengthen, become wiser, and overcome struggles of their own. Making it very well rounded not only focusing on Miss Carver. So overall this comic’s art started off as merely charming then gradually became a gentler and grander looking piece.

Though Antimony is a fun character I simply must admit my favorite character is The Demon Reynard. He is a once mighty creature given powers by Coyote (a creature that amounts to what a demigod may in Gunnerkrigg Court that makes his home in the forest). Reynard takes a little bit to come around at first but as time goes on he shows a humorous side, craftiness, loyalty, and a sense of honor all on his own. The fact that he is a powerful creature in his own right even in a bite size portion just makes him cooler to me.

I’ll answer questions posed and anything that I can do to make comic reviews better. For those that follow me I’m sorry I took forever and a day to finally write but since returning to America I’ve been crazy busy, new command, new home, new side of the country and I am just now almost over a cold (that I’ve had for the last week….). For the picture of the overall post I didn’t want to spoil anything which made writing this overall very difficult especially with how much I love this comic and hope you love it too!

Well see you soon happy gaming and choice reading! Hatter OUT!

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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