Good Morning!!!

Alright sports fans!….KIDDING! Now alright all my gamers! I have returned to the land of my birth the United States of America and I am very glad to be back and the first thing I did as soon I saw my husband was…shout his name and say ” (FIRST NAME) FLIPPING (LAST NAME) IF I HAVE TO COME LOOK FOR YOU!!!” HUgged him, kissed him, went awwww over the flowers he brought me and then ran off to go get my luggage while fawning over him for waiting so long (my flight was delayed landing and the winds were bad enough that they had to pull up at another airport and empty out a C130 full of people, animals, and bags then run them through customs. Which took forever and we didn’t leave until sometime between 0300-0400 due to sheer volume of people and initially having to unload crap by hand until they grabbed a conveyor belt from the other airport and drove it over. All in all it was crazy but good glad to be back my husband even took me to breakfast then we went on a mini frenzy at the nex when we saw these BOMB ASS new laptops so now we are rocking matching Gaming Notebooks of the G-Series by ASUS and I’ll be honest I was almost ready to jump on the Alienware bandwagon when I remembered Alienware is not Alienware anymore. After seeing what the specs were on the Asus I was impressed that it was endorsed by Republic of Gamers, well let’s just say I was running to the register in a hurry after picking up a video capture card and soon I’ll be figuring that out and everything even bought some new games. I felt like I was swimming in new games since the selection of games in Bahrain tanks. Anyone going to Bahrain for orders I’ve got two things to say to you 1. I’m sorry (you’ll figure it out) 2. Make good friends with Amazon sure with the way mail takes forever to get there but it’ll be your best chance to get what you want without feeling like you’re buying a house (or another house/flat). I say that because when I was buying my stuff or walking around at the Nex I overheard a young man say something about going to Bahrain. I just stopped dead in my tracks looked over said what equates to OUCH…. and walked on. As for those still back there I miss you guys already and I hope you get out of there soon! Well til the next game review happy gaming and this hatter is OUT!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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