Kid Icarus:Uprising (3DS)

This is a game I picked up a while ago and always a fan favorite. Now I’ll admit I never played the versions of Kid Icarus from 1986 or Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (which Kid Icarus:Uprising does refer to often from equipment, enemies, and characters)  but I will do my best to do right by this review now let’s get started.

Storyline/Character Development: The story starts simple enough an angel acting as the Emissary for the Goddess Palutena saving people from monsters. Telling jokes and just being adorable. Throughout the game he maintains his adorability but becomes more brave, while staying valiant, pure of heart, etc… Everything that makes him… well him. Even in the face of betrayal most foul and even a body stealing episode Pit always finds a way through. He gains a couple allies throughout the game including other deities. Granted the final battle is against something sooo not Greek mythology based the game keeps you going. Although I would have liked more to show up about the Dark Lord Gaol even if he was more of a ‘minor villain’.

Battle System: The battle system take a little to get used to with the way of adjusting the camera angle while fighting with this angel (try saying that 5 times fast). There are all sorts of weapons at Pit’s disposal to beat up all of the creatures in your path. From melee to long range he has everything you can buy new weapons, fuse them, etc… There are some tiles on the power portraits dealing with your weapons set up. Now to explain power portraits are pictures relating to each deity you help out filled out by either performing a certain task or using an angel feather (freebies). So all in all the use of fists, guns, orbiters, and everything else on the ground in the air. Gives you soooo many options!

Learning Curve: This game is pretty easy to learn when you get your initial bearings although after putting it down you may have to regain them but all in all its easy to learn. However there are a couple of situations that the game throws you a loop in. The ring, the use of vehicles, air battle, crazy environments, and even figuring out how to survive as a tempura or an eggplant. The game gives you sooooo much to deal with! All in all learning about that is a fun experience even when you get a tad frustrated.

Graphics: The graphics are playful but crazy in depth from the backgrounds to the characters even with the auras coming off of them. The are really no words about how well done the graphics were made for this game without the drawback of taking from the game play. Even with changing where Pit sets down his laurel and the idol toss the graphics don’t falter a step.

Replayability/Playtime: This game kept me busy for a long time with just one play through however with the use of the Fiend’s cauldron that makes you bet the hearts you have accumulated (game currency) to increase the intensity/difficulty of the levels. The intensity involved also deals with access to certain areas of the game to get through these areas you need to go through intensity gates. You must have a certain intensity level to get through these gates. This aspect essentially adds hours of gameplay for those thrill seekers that love a challenge. The power portraits even give more for completionists to do accomplishing the tasks to unlock the portraits. There is a streetpass option to send and receive weapons from passerbys and a multiplayer mode for those hooked up to the local wifi.

All in all I love this game and Hatter approved with lovable characters even lovable villains! Yes I said villains! The come off like Disney villains evilly lovable. Prime example would be the comical first boss Hewdraw. Depending on which head survives you get a different response when defeating the final boss. However, a couple things I want to touch on first being that no matter how much you spend on offerings to Lady Palutena you don’t get anything save possibly some extra cut scenes but to even get that YOU NEED TO DONATE NO LESS THAN 25K WORTH OF HEARTS!!!! In my humble opinion its not really worth it unless you want to invest in a Powerplay save alteration device. Either way it was a very lovely game goose chase of the goddess of gimme aside. Well this Hatter has things to do happy gaming Hatter OUT!

Some of the information I didn’t already know from playing this game I found out from the below web page that goes over the previous Kid Icarus games and a bunch of other fun facts about the game!

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