Okamiden (DS)

Alright everyone Okamiden is about the son of the very artistic goddess Amaterasu named Chibiterasu or affectionately know as Chibi by the flea emissary Issun. Now let’s get going!

Storyline: The story starts you off recanting the history of the game following the wondrous mother Amaterasu and her grand victory over the Orochi. Chibiterasu meets up with Issun who helps him out with signs and even with finding his first partner. Chibi is a valiant pup and shows his personality through and through even while holding conversations with his partners with excited barks and withering looks.

Character Development: Throughout the game Chibi meets many young persons that can actually see his markings and assist him in his quest to ‘save the world’, help people, learn about his ancestors, and even receive help from the deities’ offspring that served his mother. Mostly the game focuses on relationships since Chibi is already an honest, valiant, and sweetly adorable puppy…that doesn’t like the name ‘Mutt’.

Graphics: The graphics for this game truly surprised me when I first picked it up. So clean and crisp yet I feel like I’m playing through a painting. Even though it is a DS game its goes very much in depth. I can’t really go into depth more than that its a lovely art form and seeing the quirks of the villagers just give it more dimensions like your first partner trying to be like his father the hero with his own secrets to hide….What secrets? Well to quote the lovely River Song… “Spoilers.”

Battle System/Learning Curve: The battle system has two different ways to go about battle but they both essentially work the same as far as mobility goes. One battle is out in the field and the other is in an enclosed space. There are two differences the enclosed battle will not allow you to take your partner off your back (more pertinent to puzzles where you have to split up anyways) and you can escape through a hole in the wall either one that already exists or just blow up a crack in the wall by drawing up a bomb (you get that a little later in the game). Overall its a simple battle system and even gives you a little meter on the bottom screen so you know your opponents health. However during certain battles there are a couple of instances where you have to figure out the bosses weakness and how to take advantage of it. Like the first boss has a very large belly button use what you have a obtained by that stage and give it a go!

Replayability/Playtime: This game I played and beat a long time ago then all of a sudden I’ll admit I missed it. The story is charming and it kept me busy for a good while.

All in all its a lovable game with no shortage of kickassery, tender moments, laugh worthy quirks, and bonding. Its the whole package in an old era style that gives you something to smile at while fighting demons and occasionally say hello to little Issun.

Now part two of this review when I initially remembered just how much I loved this game I decided to commission a case on Etsy. The vender I chose was Clear2Custom. He was very polite, professional, and did an excellent job of making a case that I love so much! The interesting this about the case is that the paint is on the inside to prevent scratching and the like! He is very talented and will paint nearly anything in his shop he has a few different works and of course commissions. I myself simply found a picture on pinterest sent it to him, asked for Autumn like background elements and the result is the picture you saw prior to reading this review! He also does various phone cases (which I may be considering especially when I get to my new duty station!) Well Gamers this Hatter has things to do and all that the link for this awesome shop is below and let him know the Hatter sent you (no this is not any sort of discount or anything I just want to show him how much I appreciate the case) Hatter OUT!

https://www.etsy.com/shop/Clear2Custom  – SHOP NO LONGER EXISTS….Sorry 😦

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