Red (Part 1)

A young couple sits hand in hand deep in the forest a young woman with a new world in her eyes and a man with a heavy heart just hoping he can do right by her.

“Red… you shouldn’t go to your Gran’s today…” Archie sighed slowly creeping his hand towards hers.
“Oh it’ll be fine! I promise you she won’t try to talk me out of it again.” Madeline said as she  simply took his hand and kissed it.
“That I’m with you is enough!! C’mon Red let’s just go!” Archie pleaded as he pulled her hand and placed it on his heart.
“Oh Archie!” She said simply glowing before taking her leave of him.

Red smiled all the way to her grandmother’s house in the woods. As she entered the house and called out “Gran! Gran! I have your things where do I put them?” A creaky voice called out from the bedroom something like an old chair before it broke on you “Bring them here my dear…I’m so very peckish….” Red removed her crimson cloak and set it on one of the kitchen chairs as her little red boots clicked across the kitchen floor whilst prepping a plate for her poor grandmother even pulling back the light brown hair that hit her shoulders and curled up at the bottom ever so slightly. There was a lovely little plate of cookies with a flower carefully placed between two cups of Earle Grey tea. Walking into the bedroom she saw her grandmother struggling to sit up Red smiled and gingerly assisted her “Now save your strength Grandmother the doctor said not to overexert yourself.” The old woman smiled and sighed with blue eyes that had seen through the ages “You do too much for an old woman Madeline.” The young girl smiled as she pulled up a chair “Oh nonsense!”

Archie had followed Madeline knowing full well he couldn’t let her go alone… Although caught in mid thought he paused….He already knew what would happen but was torn. How the hell do you tell the woman you love something like that? He shook his head to free himself of those darker feelings. The ones he couldn’t explain. The darker tendencies of his nature wanting to break down into his baser instincts…and kill. Archie’s eyes had turned yellow as his claws rend the rock beneath him. He grinded his teeth against morphing fangs as his chest heaved and his feet burst from his shoes. So much power pumped through him and it drove him mad with nothing to point it towards until he heard a scream. His instinct focus changed from power unrelenting to a single cause. Protect.

Red was cleaning the dishes while grandmother rested thinking about the objects in her basket the four treasures of their family. Two items were meant for Archibald and Madeline and the second set of items were for their future children. A knock at the door sounded when Madeline had just finished the last dish. She answered the door and saw a bent figure in the doorway “My dear it smelled so lovely here….I had to stop… Please a small morsel for a hungry man…” The corners of Red’s lips raised into a smile “but of course” then turned to go put something in a handkerchief thinking some cheese and bread would be appreciated. She heard steps behind her and recognized the sound of the footfalls… It was as if he was trying to conceal them but still had to compensate for his weight. She slid her hand into a drawer drew a knife then heard a gunshot, spun around and saw her Gran with a smoking shotgun in her steadied hands”Maddy! Let’s go!” Madeline jumped over the body and ran with her grandmother out of the house. As soon as they hit outside Madeline stopped “We’re going to need help.” Gran raised a brow “Like who dearie? Your daft boyfriend?” Madeline smirked which meant ‘as if’ before letting out a bloodcurdling battle cry as she pulled out a pair of Colt 45 Peacemakers loaded with silver bullets.

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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