The 7 Pillars Of Gaming

If you have read my blog before you may have noticed that I use various categories to break down what makes the game. At this time my list consists of seven things. The more of these things a game has the better it tends to be depending on the game however sometimes a game may be able to do well without those. So here I’ll just go over them.

Storyline: Some games give you a drive by telling you why you’re doing whatever quest you’re on. Why are you killing animals and cursing mushrooms? Your Princess is in another fucking castle!!! Giving some background and a story to watch unfold

Character Development: You end up with your hero and then what? Aside from getting boss weapons and leveling up what is he or she learning? Do they build relationships? A game gets more depth when you can see the growth and even relate to the character. You’re an adventurous youth with dozens of pets trying to learn about animals what are you? A Pokemon trainer? A vet? Someone running a pet spa? You’re Liu Bei on Kessen II running aroung with Zhang Fei and his daughters while you try not to gawk and Mei Sanniang!

Battle System: How do you fight? Do you go all out or do you go turn by turn calculating or are you a button masher? Sure some games don’t need one like…. Harvest Moon A Tale of Two Towns. However, the mechanics that go into a games battle system can mean so much.

Learning Curve: How easy do you pick it up? Is everything well explained are there errors in the system that you can exploit? How easy is it to find what you need? Stuff like this even maps help a player’s immersion into a game.

Graphics: Is the game visually pleasing? Does it match with what you think the creator meant to do? Mine Craft not very pretty but it makes a simple world a player can take into their own hands. Shadows of the Damned detailed to give you more of the feel of everything creepy and edgy with its dark ambiance, detail to gore, and the pure grisliness.

Playtime: You usually want a game to keep you busy for a while right? I played through Lord Of Magna: Maiden Heaven in less than two days worth of playtime. Been playing Game of Thrones and I have not gone that long however with all the content I’m very sure it shall take me more than two days with all the crazy goose chases, expansive maps, etc…

Replayability: Wanna go again? Something more relevant for games like Tekken or Super Smash Brothers. Do you enjoy it enough or does it have enough variables that you want to play it again and again? How easy is it to get bored with it? Simply how likely are you to pick up the game again?

Well that was a brief explanation about how I go through games! I hope it helps people even newcomers to gaming understand some of the more important things about what makes a game. Stuff you find helpful for when you get a game for yourself or even something for a gift for someone! After thinking about I am adding a small eighth pillar to the equation after thinking for a bit Genre just for a brief tag at the beginning like Noire puzzle solving for something like Contrast.

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Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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