Getting to Know This Hatter

Well you can call me Hatter or Latina Hatter. I refuse to give out my real name due to freaky creepers. Can you blame a girl? So about me I’m a female in the Navy and what I do is too boring to explain so I won’t. I’m married and come November my husband and I will be celebrating two years and thankfully this time together. You see we’re both in the Navy and I was up for orders before my husband so I chose one year orders so our dates could match up.

I love different kinds of anime but my very first was Birdy The Mighty followed by Utena The Revolutionary Girl. I dabble in a bit of drawing myself when I feel up to it. Still watching some here and there along with whatever I’m marathoning at the time; Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Flash, Arrow, Game of Thrones (I have the PS3 game and I’ve been playing it expect a review for that), Gotham, and MLP!

Right now I would say I’m alright. My friend left for his new duty station this morning and he’s one of the few people I actually like being around here (where I’m currently stationed). I’ve been gaming since the early era of Pokemon starting with red, blue and yellow.  I love tattoos and Alice in Wonderland (will also do a review for American McGee’s Alice (PC/PS3), Alice the Madness Returns (PS3), and even Alice In Wonderland (DS). I am not sure what to say after all that so I found a random list and I’ll answer the questions from that!

  1. What anime / manga / visual novel trigger your otaku’s dark side rise for the first time? When it happened? The first time I actually hit a dark side was Kikaider when he was slumped, depressed and still coming to the rescue with that claim that he was simply ‘a mad machine’.
  2. What your favorite anime? I would have to say right now my favorite anime is Utena the Revolutionary Girl.
  3. What your favorite anime / japanese soundtrack? Still Utena.
  4. Are you enjoy your current lifestyle? (related to your blog). I do a lot of research and its something I enjoy granted I don’t have a lot of games right now but I’m working on it and still proving there are some gems among some of the older games. Some people don’t have the pocket book for it and some have just already been there and done that.
  5. Do you find your room don’t have enough space to keep your growing collection (anime/manga/visual novel/artbook)?
    Very much so I keep having to rip my heart out when I downsize my collection.
  6. How do you solve your space problem? I wouldn’t say I …solved it… I just sort of left some of it with my husband…
  7. Have you ever invited your partner / spouse / girlfriend to anime convention? Are you manage corrupt her to it?
    Corrupt my spouse into a convention? Sorry the other way around funny thing was the only reason I didn’t want to go at first was because I was scared of cosplayers (the badly done ones) but he still got me to come around.
  8. What  doujinshi genre you most hate? Not Applicable.
  9. How do manage your time to update your blog despite your busy daily life? I just do what I can the most important thing is the research that goes into checking out each game.
  10. What language you want to learn? I need to learn spanish more fluently for certain family things and to teach my children some day…when I have them.
  11. Have you ever buy guide / learning books and dictionary related to language you want to study? How long you have kept it? I did once….. I have no idea where it is….

Well that’s all for now not sure what my next review shall be but I’m looking forward to bringing it to you! Good Night and Hatter out!

About Glamour

Same gamer switching up the name to match the look still the same great reviews and the same sense of humor! Now available on Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, and possibly soon reddit?

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