Shadows Of The Damned (PS3)

So I’ve been all about killing things for stress related purposes and just because its fun! Thusly I bring you to Shadows Of The Damned. I usually am unable to do games that require shooting on console but honestly I was bored and it looked really cool! I was not disappointed!… I just get stuck and need a little help in areas with higher precision….Anyways let’s get started!

Storyline/Character Development: Your name is Garcia Fucking Hotspur and you’re a bonified badass with a former demon for a gun by the name of Johnson. You two have conversations, listen to each other tell stories from books or from their own experiences going down to hell to pick up your girlfriend. The best way I can describe this storyline is a mexican version of Dante’s Inferno with modern influence and puns out the ass! Most of the development consists of two things Garcia’s relationship with his too or Garcia dealing with the crazy shit going on with Paula. He fights every kind of demon you can think of, watches her death and torture so many times I lost count on top of that the bitch tries to even kill you!!! After a while and all the heart ache and rage quits I went back even after asking myself “Do I even WANT THIS BITCH ANYMORE?” So moving on!

Battle System/Learning Curve: The battle system completely revolves around your single gun and how you build it up. I was expecting more melee action but ended up with a couple shoulder bumps…but I digress. I took a liking more to the teether(machine/gattling) but found it utterly necessary to max out the strength on the boner (handgun). The Monoconcusser (shotgun) is pretty strong but unless its point blank let’s not make my aim a bigger handicap than it is… All in all the game is easy to learn and pretty fun the only mistake I feel I made was not saving all my nice shiny white diamonds so i could buy red gems.

Graphics: The graphics look so real even to the point the dead bodies look… moist. You can even interact with your environment. A good example would the the first set of bodies you find hanging. If you touch them or run through them they will swing. You also have a chance to turn on the lights with goat heads and attempt to use the terrain to your advantage. I think a light hearted person would take ill for all the gore and that but demon hunting is not for the soft of heart. However even with the contrast it doesn’t give me a headache (it has the option to change it but I’ve noticed even with that in place in certain games doesn’t not completely do away with the effect on the player- an example would be contrast for the PS4 a lovely puzzle game that annoyed the living daylights out of me but at the same time I had to take frequent breaks to play it with headaches occurring).

All in all the game is pretty fun for something I picked up from the used section at the Nex and for those not in the military it means Navy Exchange. The story is funny the characters are surprisingly interesting for essential two assholes running through hell. I’ll admit some of the puns and sexual innuendo that you just can’t seem to get away from just make me laugh. Which is a good break from the doom and gloom you usually see in titles like this. OMG the world is broken and it sucks. Sure its kind of gross but again soft of heart (or stomach) probably should not play this. The storybook sections even added some background on some of your adversaries which helped figured why in blazes one guy sounded like a harmonica and why the other guy was crazy enough to eat his own……..Spoilers! All in all splendid game and actually sort of makes me want to read Dante’s inferno. btw the titles of the chapters are based off of different movies and things in modern culture. Go figure right? Well its been a blast! Carry On My Wayward Son for all my Supernatural fans, Alonzi for my Whovians who are amped to see the new season of Doctor Who and Smile for Pinkie all my Pegasi and Bronies expecting a new season of MLP GOODNIGHT AND HATTER OUT!!!!!!!

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