Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3)

So as you may or may not know I’ve been in a bit of a handheld kick lately time to break out of it for a bit in favor of some chainsaw massacre action! Been a stressful week for me and believe it or not the violence of this game has been stress relieving one might even argue…Therapeutic. So now I shall share my findings. As we follow young Juliet and the story of her Highschool…Romero. (Ok cutting the cheese NOW).

Battle System: The battle system is pretty easy weaken the zombies with pom pom bashes and decapitate them. However as you add on stats, moves, and all that it really smooths out the game-play. With the option of connecting to the net to compare your scores to that of the leader boards you can go back and play through stages you’ve already completed. Get all the upgrades, collect the named zombies for your scrapbook in Juliet’s Room. See everything Nick’s head can give you. Yes Nick’s head Juliet’s lovable boyfriend has many functions; a cannon ball, an extension to a rainbow whip, a shake-able piggy bank, and even a remote control device powered by cheering!  Simply put the head of beloved decapitated Nick on an available glowing blue zombie body and cheer him to do what ever you need break, push, toss. He does it all! He can even give you lifesaving lollipops in battle.

Learning Curve: The game gives you something to learn about almost every stage a new weapon extension, skills, etc.. because after all this does happen all on Juliet’s birthday. So most of her items are gifts from her family for her birthday. Nick was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. This game has a dozen things to toss at you and after completing it you still have so much more to do.

Graphics: Honestly there are only two words I have for the graphics. Kick ASS! Sure it has the quirky look but the execution is perfect. Its humorous and still crisp. Even the little outfits you can get for Juliet drop jaws! I think the best examples of the graphics are when you see Nick with his involuntary makeover by Juliet’s sister and the execution of the battle with the Elephant Rocker Purveyor of Darkness. It’s a cheery yet lovingly eerie game that makes me smile over slaughter even the little store “Chop 2 Shop” embodies that with the adorable chick bearing blood dripping down its little cheek. Anyways the graphics and presentation are great moving on!

Storyline/ Character Development: You start off this game and figure that its just watching some girls boobs bounce while she kills zombies. Well you would only be half right, the story had some depth I didn’t expect. It showed how her relationship grew with Nick even a struggle with that while dealing with her family and his own feeling about being just a head. The game makes you laugh, gasp, and even a little confused in certain places. Even with the way it turns out you still can’t put it down. This story is one I oddly enough love because it seems so real in a way. The struggles about feeling lesser than your significant other, fear of meeting their parents, losing loved ones, hopelessness, or simply feeling like you just can’t do enough. Its something easily relate to.

Replayability/ Playtime: I have to be honest it took me less than a day to beat it without trying to get every single attack and power up on normal mode. However, as stated previously I’m very sure I’m going to end up playing this again and again even if I do collect every single power up. It’s just a fun game and one I highly recommend.

This is the part where I wrap up things that  I missed and add any extra insight about the game. I don’t know whether I’m sad or ecstatic that there is not really a lot to add. Not really anyway. I love the game and everything about it. The only thing I didn’t get was Juliet’s chainsaw phone. Players were baffled by the fact that the phone icon would show up and there was nothing to do about it. I’ll admit it quite drove me up the wall! After a little research I found out after each of these chainsaw calls you are supposed to go to your menu and under messages you can hear what was said. Now gamers I’m about to go kill some more zombies and get her some more cute little outfits! Happy gaming Hatter out!

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