Cake Mania series (DS)/ Hell’s Kitchen (DS)/ Betty Boop Double Shift (DS)

Alright here’s a game as old as time it seems. I’m bringing it all the way back to CAKE MANIA!! Jill Evans is the name and cakes are your game! For those that love Diner Dash, Betty Boop’s Double Shift, Hell’s Kitchen and anything that resembles having a business look no further! I’ve noticed this game is available online sure but I honestly think it plays better on a DS system.

Graphics: The graphics vary from game to game but that does not change the way the game runs as the mechanics and creations of the game get better each time. The original Cake Mania is a bit rough but still a good start. Cake Mania 2 is a drastic improvement while Cake Mania 3 has alternate styles of certain parts of the bakery. The final game Cake Mania, Main Street took a hit in the graphics by trying to combine too much in one game. I love all of them but that was really their only issue as far as I’m concerned.

Storyline/Character Development: The storyline goes more from game to game as Jill first saves her first bakery In the second game she decides to travel the world and bring everyone joy with her baked goods! Even penguins! The third game however, gets a little more…. strange but nevertheless a fun adventure traveling through time and space to save her wedding day! After that the final game puts a little more into the story adding quirky storylines, customers, and even implying that Jill is pregnant! The game gives you the option to go through more storylines and even different businesses to play through. The mechanics essentially stay the same for the most part.

Learning Curve/Replayability: This game is easy to learn and so you can just pick it up and go. No matter what mode its fun game and keeps you busy for a long time. Sometimes when I need to dial things down I’ll pick this game up and just bring on a storm only rivaled by Cookie Clicker.

All in all this is a great game and greatly under appreciated. If you have a DS and need something to keep busy or clear your head pick it up. Now for those that like this kind of game already let me put this to you a little bit there are a couple other games out there for you!

For all of you feeling soooo nostalgic I give you Betty Boop’s Double Shift! She’s taking orders, running milkshakes to tables, gives candy to customers to replenish hearts, queuing the band, and even gets on the stage at the end of the shift yourself! So get out there you show stopping little thing but before you go I have one more game for you.

If you love Gordon Ramsay he has Hell’s Kitchen available for the DS for Mom’s worried about their kids or simply sitting out in public with your DS you have nothing to worry about with his swearing bleeped out. If you get the PC version well let’s say we hope you’re home alone or around people that don’t mind swearing.  The game even offers you real recipes after completing the levels. The graphics are clean and crisp even if not the best…. save the pictures of the food in the recipes. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to eat my screen. So while the graphics are good but not the best I very much love this game which even has an arcade mode so you can focus on non stop cooking. Also for an added layer of difficulty aside from making sure everything is cooked just right you need to get it out in a timely fashion or just like the show risk the food getting cold, another layer being how to deal with your customers throughout the game you control the dining room ordering, taking the food out, table cleaning, etc… You become kitchen GOD!

Well to finish it off I highly recommend all three games for the restauranteur, culinary enthusiast, entrepreneur, etc…   Well have a good one gamers! Hatter out!

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