Bravely Default (3DS)

Bravely Default was a craze I noticed before I left the states. I bought it, let it sit then picked it up, and then said “why the hell didn’t I play this sooner?!?!”I instantly fell in love with the story and the battle system!! So let’s get started!!

Graphics: The graphics are very high depth with or without using the 3D function whether its the sprites or their portraits. It has a very artistic feel and just speaks to me with every little outfit and job you unlock! The dedication is also shown with the 3D features dealing with the cards for game. The getting to know you moments if you will for this game.

Battle System/Weapons: The battle system is totally reliant on what you want to do. Do you want all your attacks now or are you going to stockpile some movements and bring on hell in your own time? A lot of your battles are heavily reliant on just who you’re fighting. If you’re fighting a boss you can have your own strategy for it taking whatever measures you see fit. While you level up your characters the game increases their stats based on what jobs you level up over others. Which is amazing however I found myself going a little crazy with the grind. Especially when I stopped main leveling (you can change the settings to effect whether you even want money, job points, or experience to put emphasis on certain things while grinding which also will be touched on in the Norende section) to focus on job leveling. Point being there are so many options with this game even the weapons capability changes with each job, skills, etc…

Storyline/Character Development: You start as young Tiz herding sheep with your beloved little brother Til. Cavities right? Not so fast! When the ground beneath them opens swallowing up all of their little sheep and TIL! As you go through the game following this young man you see him get stronger, deal with girls (the boyhood dilemma), and even behaviors directly related to the loss of his brother. You also follow along with Edea Lee, Agnes Oblige, and Ringabel…..well Ringabel. Can’t spoil his story for you. The struggles of these four are nothing to sneeze at when you watch everything unfold. Although there is a teeny drawback…. The game has two possible endings however neither happens without resetting the world at least once. The worlds ‘reset’ and it makes everything seem to drag on but the game creatures try to account for this by including special events you can do between temple activations. Airy might get miffy (mad) about it but honestly (and I don’t say this often on this blog) Fuck her! Small tip while you go through the game each time you go through the title page, pay attention to the way the letters light up.

Replayability/Playtime: You  can play this game for DAYS, WEEKS,…..put it down for a while otherwise death via grinding. If you have time to kill this will definitely do it for you. Sure the world resetting is a bit drone worthy but you’ll pick it up again later and just get going. Airy throughout the game tells you most of the time where to go or the map has markers to show you where events are optional, mando, etc… There are some ways to get items through the tutorial board but honestly you really don’t need to do it. So go crazy its your world/worlds no matter what Airy tells you.

NORENDE: After Tiz’s brother is confirmed gone along with all of Norende Tiz is tasked with bringing up a new Norende! Full of shops to help you on your way through the journey. You access these shops via the man in the red clothes you talk to for saving your game. Norende is where you get most of your very best weapons, attack parts, items, etc…. if you want it build up Norende. How? Do it via street pass! Go find a crowded place and just let people pass you. When i was originally starting this game I went to Otakacon and it was a GOLD MINE. I had to empty out my street passes every 2-3 minutes almost. However if you live in a place like I do now where not many people have a DS at all go to the Bravely Default Friend Exchange you can get people for Norende, for Abililink (feature that allows you to level up jobs by linking to a friend’s character ‘hmm my Ringabel is level 2 in thief and my friend’s Ringabel is a maxxed out thief), and utilize their sent attacks! These people are a great crowd you just post your friend code up, people add you, post up their codes for you to add them back and you end up with new allies!

Long and short of all this is this is a great game especially if you love the Final Fantasy Series! Both boast elegance however the quirky adorability of Bravely Default is part of its charm. The innovation for the battle system is also a spark of interest for me. Even the use of street pass to build up the village of Norende is fun….even if they send you monsters to fight. They will NOT affect Norende negatively if you don’t fight them but they do happen to carry very good items for thieves and slayers(with good items comes very strong enemies!). Well happy gaming and this Hatter is Out…Almost!

Also teeny side note saw Inside Out with a friend yesterday and LOVED IT! Adults and young people alike will get all of the feels from this movie! (and not just because it revolves around emotions) It’s a cute movie and from what I am reading throughout the net also being utilized in therapy for children to help them sort out their emotions and deal with them. Okay! Now Hatter out!

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